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Meet the returned Brotherhood.

Forging Trust is a main quest in Fallout 76, introduced in the Steel Dawn update.

Quick walkthrough

Detailed walkthrough

The quest starts automatically upon entering the vicinity of Fort Atlas. The first objective is to speak with Russell Dorsey, who is standing near a tent. After asking him about speaking with the Brotherhood leaders, he freely admits that he is the wrong person to speak to and hints towards Knight Shin, who is located inside the fort's interior.

After entering the interior through the double doors, the Vault Dweller is witnessing the conversation between Paladin Rahmani and Knight Shin, during which she tasks him with taking care of the civilian petitioners.

The next objective is to talk with Shin. Telling him about Dorsey results in Shin asking if the Vault Dweller wants to join the Brotherhood, to which there a several replies (Yes, Maybe, Lie or a Charisma +4 speech check). Regardless of the choice, the next test is about following orders. One is then tasked with speaking to the four civilian petitioners that are present in the interior. Shawn is complaining about Brotherhood personnel confiscating his belongings, Art wants to trade surplus produce of his farm for protection against raiders, Doc Blackburn is looking for supplies that are hard to come by and Tally wants to aquire some "big shiny guns".

Upon returning to Shin and telling him about each petitioner's inquiry, it becomes clear that he has no intention to deal with any of them, no matter what answers are chosen. He then congratulates for passing the test and promises to mention it in his report to Paladin Rahmani, though he advises to "lose those soft, civilian instincts" for the future. After, the player may inform the other people of the results for some more dialogue; some of them have prominent roles in later quests so their dialogue serves to flesh them out.

Shin's final advice is to look for Scribe Valdez further ahead inside the building. Activating the scanner will give access past the laser grid, conclude the quest and automatically start Mother of Invention.

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
100 Speak to Russell DorseyThe Brotherhood of Steel has returned to Appalachia and taken over the old ATLAS Observatory. If I'm making introductions, I should start with the young man who's keeping watch at the entrance of the compound.
110 Speak to Knight ShinRussell Dorsey told me that if I want to speak to the Brotherhood leaders, I have to start with someone called Knight Shin. I can find him inside Fort Atlas itself.
? Listen to Knight Shin's conversation
170 Speak to Knight ShinI entered Fort Atlas to find Knight Shin and Paladin Rahmani engaged in an argument, before the Paladin shut him down and left, locking the security door behind her. Despite his bad mood, I'll have to speak with him if I want to meet with other leaders of the Brotherhood.
200 Speak to the petitioners (0/4)Knight Shin wants to test my ability to take orders, and has given me the task of finding out what the civilian petitioners at the Fort want from the Brotherhood, and reporting this back to him. I can find the petitioners in the civilian-accessible areas of Fort Atlas.
210 (Spoken to Tally Lang)
220 (Spoken to Art Knapp)
230 (Spoken to Shawn Hockman)
240 (Spoken to Blackburn)
300 Report to Knight ShinI've spoke to all the petitioners and am ready to give my report. I should return to Knight Shin in the security office and let him know.
400 Activate the scannerKnight Shin wasn't interested in my opinions regarding the petitioners, but he was grateful for my assistance. He has approved me as an Initiate candidate, and granted me access to the rest of Fort Atlas. Now I need to head through security and find Scribe Valdez.
9000Quest finishedQuest Complete


The original name for the quest was "New Brothers," prior to the Steel Dawn storyline's formal release on the Public Test Server.