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The Forest treasure maps are a series of maps in Fallout 76. They lead to buried mounds hidden throughout the Forest, all of which contain random valuable loot.


The notes can be found throughout Appalachia, as randomized, rare loot in containers or on the bodies of boss creatures. The treasure maps lead to:

  • Map #01 leads to Point Pleasant, going south from the bridge visible on the map and finding another railway bridge. Go under it from the northern side and there should be a mound under it. This can most easily be found at the fast travel location, directly under the railway bridge the player is placed in front of.
  • Map #02 leads to a small campsite southwest of the Camp Adams lookout, under a cooking station.
  • Map #03 leads to a playground southwest of Charleston landfill, underneath the monkey bars.
  • Map #04 leads to Anchor farm, just beside the yellow and blue biplane.
  • Map #05 leads to a train wreck west from the Charleston Trainyard.
  • Map #06 leads to the wooden bridge next to the Wayward, on the shore near the water sensor.
  • Map #07 leads to the billboard near Widow's Perch.
  • Map #08 leads to the southern end of a riverbank southwest of Mama Dolce's Food Processing, northeast of the mine's back entrance. Look for train tracks.
  • Map #09 leads to the southeastern entrance of Summersville, next to a house between two buses.
  • Map #10 leads to Greg's Mine Supply, in a small valley. Just southwest of the shop is a drain pipe to the river, where the mound can be found on an elevated rock formation.