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The foreman was an Army veteran and supervisor of a factory in South Boston in 2077.


Originally from South Boston,[1] he enlisted and was first stationed in Georgia. A self-centered youth who wanted to play with guns, he believed that enlisting in the Army was just a way to blow things up in the name of God and Uncle Sam. His time in the service changed all that. If his time overseas taught him one thing, it's that war changes people. He understood what service really means, and applied this hard-learned life lesson to his union supervisory position after retiring. In his words "It may not be the same as guard duty for a camp of 800 soldiers, but it's something."[2]

He acquired his new career from his friend Roger soon after he left the service. For which he was very thankful. The supervisory position was near his old neighborhood, and the union had a placement program for veterans that helped him get the foreman gig without too much fuss.[1] And his personal logs were protected from federal search, seizure or subpoena by Union Article 21:16-C.[3]

However, these times were coming to a close. On October 30, 2077, he received a strange telephone call from Lavonne. He hadn't seen her in some time; since the briefing room in Portland. Now she calls him up about her nephew's baseball team? It was some sort of code, she was trying to warn him of the impending incoming. "Sending the team home to be with their families." He told his staff that it was a union thing.[4]

Saturday morning, October 23, 2077 he was sleeping in his office chair when it happened. In the increasingly chaotic landscape he concluded correctly that the Chinese missed the city with the big nuclear weapon. From what he could gather over the radio, Framingham was struck, not devastated but gone. Boston, however, was not in good shape either; he took solace in the fact that he had his factory locked down to hole up in and that if he hadn't received the call he would've been vaporized.[5]

Despite his preparations or lack thereof, the foreman is not at the factory. It still lies idle, just as they left it that fateful day. His office is still full of his personal belongings.


A grizzled patriot, this long serving former officer loved to serve his nation and later his teamsters. He was also a smoker, preferring cigars, and loved liquor. Due to his age, he also had bad eyesight, using a magnifying glass to compensate.


The foreman is mentioned only in Fallout 4.


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