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I've received a message from Colonel Moore up at Hoover Dam. She's been following your exploits and has requested that you meet with her. You're not officially in the employ of the NCR, so there's nothing forcing you to go, but I'd go see her sooner rather than later.Dennis Crocker

For the Republic, Part 2 is a main quest in Fallout: New Vegas.


Even though the Courier dealt with the issues the New California Republic had in Freeside, the Mojave is much bigger than that. Colonel Cassandra Moore requires the Courier's assistance in cleaning up the region and eliminating some of the NCR's problems.

Quick walkthrough

Main Quest: For the Republic, Part 2
Determine the fate of the Great Khans in the quest Oh My Papa
Uncover the Omerta's secret in the quest How Little We Know
Remove Mr. House as a threat to the NCR.
Determine the fate of the Brotherhood of Steel in the quest Still in the Dark
Protect the NCR president in the quest You'll Know It When It Happens
Reward: XP, For the Republic Part 2 achievement/trophy and NCR fame
Leads to: Eureka!

Detailed walkthrough

After completing the first two NCR quests, (Things That Go Boom and Kings' Gambit), head to Hoover Dam and talk to Colonel Moore.

The Great Khans

The Great Khans are a group of violent and tough raiders that have a grudge against the NCR. The Courier can get them to cooperate by simply offering a truce to them.

Colonel Moore will ask the Courier to destroy the Great Khans. One may accept the task, or reject it and take a more diplomatic approach.

Following this conversation, travel to the Great Khans' base in Red Rock Canyon then enter the Great Khan longhouse, which is up a cliff on the right, and is the only non-tent building.

From here one can attack Papa Khan in the longhouse. The other Khans present will become hostile. The Courier must then kill at least 15 other Great Khans to complete the quest.

Alternatively, complete Oh My Papa (this option is not available if one has completed Oh My Papa before starting For the Republic, Part 2; see Notes). Speak to Papa Khan in the longhouse, then talk to Regis, who is sitting next to him. After speaking to him inside the building, go outside, and he will accost the player character, telling them that if they can convince influential members of the Great Khans to break the alliance with Caesar, they may convince Papa Khan to do so. Accepting his offer begins the quest. Another resolution to Oh My Papa involves assassinating Papa Khan. The player character will need to talk to Colonel Moore first before doing this.

After either killing all the Khans or completing Oh My Papa, return to Colonel Moore and inform her that the Khans are either destroyed, moving out of the Mojave, planning a suicide mission during the final battle, or willing to ally with the NCR.

If the Great Khans agree to help the NCR and one has not spoken to Colonel Moore about it, then the Khans and NCR may fight each other.

Completing this portion of the quest will earn the Courier Legion infamy, although possibly not enough to be demoted to shunned status. It will also initiate the quest Beware the Wrath of Caesar!.

The Omertas

This portion of the quest leads the player character through How Little We Know, Colonel Moore will inform the Courier about the Omertas and sends them to find out why they have been so silent lately. (If the player character is traveling with a companion and they bring them into Gomorrah or leave them outside, they will lose the weapons carried after exiting)


Secretary Liza O'Malley at the NCR Embassy will direct the player character to see the Gomorrah receptionist. From here, one must speak to the receptionist, then to Cachino. After speaking with hbaim, the Courier must find information to use against him.

Cachino's journal can be pickpocketed from him with a high-enough Sneak (or using a Stealth Boy). The journal can also be taken from Cachino's desk in his room in the Gomorrah suites. By talking to the receptionist, one may obtain a key to Cachino's room for a fee of 300 caps, free with a Strength check of 8, or 200 caps with a Barter check of 55.

Confront Cachino about the journal's contents. He will tell the Courier information about the Omertas and recommend that they speak to Troike or Clanden. By passing a Barter check of 60, one can convince Cachino to pay 200 caps. (The player character can tell Cachino to pay 100 caps in addition, afterwards.)

If the first leg of the quest is bypassed (by talking to secretary Liza O'Malley) and speaks to the receptionist directly, a bug may be introduced making it impossible to complete this quest. However, this can be countered by killing Clanden, or by talking to Colonel Moore who will ask about the Courier's progress with the Omertas. Finding out what Clanden specializes in is a non-optional objective after talking to Cachino, killing him fails the quest How Little We Know but allows this quest to progress.


Speak to Troike and mention Cachino. From here convince Troike to help take down the Omertas. If the player character can pass an 80 Speech, he can lie to Troike to convince him (this will cause a loss of Karma). Troike will tell the player that he cannot help until his debt is settled with Big Sal. By passing a Barter check of 45, or a Speech check of 53, Big Sal can be convinced to settle the debt. Another option is to go to Big Sal's office in the Zoara Club and hack either the terminal or pick the lock on the safe. The password to Big Sal's terminal can be pickpocketed from him.

Eventually, Troike will suggest using thermite to destroy the Omertas' weapons cache. By passing a Speech check of 70, the Courier can convince Troike to plant the thermite. He will succeed, but he is caught by the Omertas and is killed, otherwise, Troike will give the thermite to the player character to plant themselves. The thermite is ignited using the detonator on the wall near the door to the weapons cache.

Once this has been done, return to Cachino to report the destruction of the weapons.

The Bosses

The Courier will now be informed that they will have to "deal with" the bosses of Gomorrah. By passing a Speech check of 80, the player character can convince Cachino to take care of the bosses himself, otherwise, the player character will be supplied a sawed-off shotgun to aid Cachino in a battle against the bosses.

Alternatively, by passing a Speech check and then lying, the player character can convince the bosses to attack each other. Once the bosses have been dealt with, return to Moore.


  • Completing this part of the questline will cause Beware the Wrath of Caesar!, Render Unto Caesar, I Hear You Knocking, Caesar's Hire and Caesar's Favor to fail.
  • If the Omerta leaders were killed during How Little We Know, this part of the quest can be avoided.
  • If the Omertas have already been aided in their plan, there is a Speech check to lie to Moore and tell her that the Omertas plan to attack New Reno.
  • If one is unwilling to do this quest, simply kill Big Sal and/or Nero. This will complete this portion of For The Republic and award 275 XP. Return to Colonel Moore and lie about the Omertas plans (70 Speech). Be warned that all the Omerta thugs will turn hostile and attack the player character. The bartenders and gamblers will also turn hostile, but they won't attack unless they are hit, instead, they simply run around trying to hide. Killing the Omerta thugs will award good Karma to the Courier while killing the gamblers, bartenders or the prostitutes will award bad Karma and also Strip infamy.

Mr. House

Colonel Moore will advise the Courier that she wants Mr. House out of the picture.

Return to Lucky 38 and take the elevator to the penthouse level, then use a terminal to the left of Mr. House to open the antechamber. To do this the player character will need 75 Science, the Lucky 38 VIP keycard (which can be found on Chief Hanlon's desk in Camp Golf or in H&H Tools factory), or the platinum chip. Doing so will result in all the Securitrons in Mr. House's suite becoming hostile. Upon completing this task will cause the quest The House Always Wins to fail. However, if The House Always Wins II or beyond has been completed, then one elects to kill Mr. House for the sake of the For the Republic questline, Do not interact with Jane or Mr. House himself at any point before opening the antechamber door. Otherwise, NCR Infamy will be awarded. This can potentially cause For the Republic and Don't Tread on the Bear to fail. If the player character is fast enough they don't need to deal with the Securitrons. Also, once inside the antechamber, the terminal at the back on the right will allow one to perform a Security Override rendering the Securitrons non-hostile.

Enter the antechamber, and activate the terminal near the elevator to unlock the elevator to the control room. Activate the terminal in the control room, and choose to "Unseal LS chamber" to expose Mr. House's body. Go behind the terminal and speak with Mr. House

Return to the control room terminal and select an option. Doing so will result in failing The House Has Gone Bust!, and all options result in Negative Karma:

Take the elevator back to Mr. House's suite and return to Moore at the Hoover Dam. The Courier will receive 200 XP and gain NCR fame (The Securitrons will no longer attack upon returning to the penthouse).

Brotherhood of Steel

Travel to the Hidden Valley bunker at Hidden Valley. From here there are two routes, depending on the player character's reputation with the Brotherhood of Steel.

Positive reputation with the Brotherhood

  • If Still in the Dark has been completed, and McNamara remains Elder, a truce can be signed between the Brotherhood and the NCR. Go to McNamara and tell him the NCR wants them destroyed, he will then offer a truce. Return to Colonel Moore and speak to her about the offered truce. Doing so will complete the quest and begin You'll Know It When It Happens, but will earn the player minor infamy with the NCR. This method should work if the player character has completed all main BoS quests as well. Note: If one chooses to help usurp McNamara, they will be unable to broker a treaty.

It is possible that the player character will not be able to initiate dialogue with Elder McNamara if one is in between Still in the Dark and Eyesight to the Blind. If this is the case one may need to exit the bunker and wait for 2–3 days in order to be able to get any other dialogue than McNamara being "too busy to talk".

No previous reputation with the Brotherhood

If the Courier has not interacted with the Brotherhood of Steel, they must go through an orientation by convincing Dobson, a ranger in an adjacent bunker to leave, or enter the bunker with Veronica in their party. Alternatively, if one wishes to avoid going through the orientation to convince Dobson to leave, walk into the Brotherhood of Steel bunker, the doors will open. At this point, back up. As the Brotherhood of Steel member slowly walks toward the player character, it is possible to walk around the very large crates in the room and avoid talking to him. Then, walk straight down to the bunker. The Courier will still be confronted by the next knight, however, but they will have all their gear and companions. Choosing to fight him will be easy if one has two companions. Here it is possible to hack the terminal, making the turrets attack the BoS. Proceed to finish the rest of the BoS and take the keycards from 3 members (Elder, Head Scribe, Head Paladin.) This will allow the player character to set the bunker to explode (the knights who were supposed to be confronted but avoided by going around the crates will no longer be outside when escaping). Killing the first knight along with others is also an option, albeit more challenging.

Waiting until late at night will cause several Brotherhood paladins to spawn at which point a player character with even a moderately high Sneak skill can pick one of the paladins' pockets to acquire a keycard to the bunker (no Karma loss will be suffered). Putting on a Stealth Boy before talking to the paladin at the entrance will mean he initiates a dialogue with the character anyway. However, refusing to hand over one's weapons will turn the Brotherhood hostile but the paladins will not see the player character upon closing dialogue so long as they are sneaking. Quickly heading down to the second level of the bunker and killing one of the Brotherhood scribes quietly will allow the Courier to use the scribe's robes as a disguise which automatically resets Brotherhood reputation to neutral. Depending on one's Sneak skill they can go on to either pickpocket or kill all non-player characters necessary for acquiring all the cards for the self-destruct sequence. this tactic becomes viable due to the fact that while the self-destruct sequence is active the Brotherhood will not fire upon the player character since they are still disguised as a scribe. Also, note that certain higher up Brotherhood members (i.e. elder) will see through the disguise regardless.

  • If Veronica is in the Courier's party, the Brotherhood will not be hostile even if the player character is dressed as an NCR member.
  • If the Ranger is warned in any way about the Brotherhood, the Brotherhood will become hostile and enter the bunker to kill the player character.
  • If reputation with the NCR is too low, Dobson will not talk to the Courier and one will either have to take all the supplies and smash the radio in the bunker that Dobson is staying in or kill him. His radio can also be rigged to explode.
  • One does not need to blow up the Brotherhood Of Steel bunker; killing the members is sufficient.
Find the keycards

After the Courier has gained the Brotherhood's trust, they can enter their bunker. Once they have access to the bunker, they will need to steal 3 keycards from 3 main personnel (elder, head scribe, and head paladin) in order to get the password for the self-destruct sequence or have a Science skill of 100, at the same time they can look for a bunker key for their escape later on. It is suggested that one saves before stealing from each character in order to avoid killing for the keycard if they catch the Courier stealing. One needs to go level L2 of the bunker, where they can find Elder McNamara, Head Paladin Hardin (Or Head Paladin Ramos based on certain choices) and Head Scribe Taggart. Head right, where one can find McNamara, who is the easiest to steal from. His keycard can be stolen when he is sitting in his chair. Hardin can be found to the left of this room in one of the three bedrooms. He will be in the room sleeping, standing, or working on his computer. Crouch, wait until one is hidden and then steal his keycard. Go back towards the door to L1 and go all the way up the left hallway this time. At the end is the self-destruction room, where one will also find Taggart. For Taggart, one may need a Stealth Boy as the only time one can steal his card is when the Melissa Watkins' view is blocked by the tower in the middle of the room. If Cassidy is a follower then she will talk to the Watkins in the room, when she is distracted the player character can swipe his card. However, if all cards aren't collected, access will be denied.

If one is unable or does not want to waste time pickpocketing the cards and their Science skill is very high one can simply hack the Very Hard terminal to start the self-destruct sequence.

Activate the self-destruct sequence

Once the Courier has all keycards, return to the room where Lars Taggart is and obtain the password from the Override Code Generator terminal (green) next to the actual self-destruct terminal (blue). Now use the code on the self-destruct terminal to destroy the bunker. After activating the self-destruct sequence with the password, the Courier will instantly gain a Vilified reputation with the Brotherhood. Before beginning the sequence, be sure to pickpocket the guards protecting the Elder on the other side of L2 and steal a key to be able to leave the bunker. If one does not steals the key, they must pick the lock on the final door, which requires a Lockpick skill of 100. Now begin the sequence and get to L1.

After leaving the bunker, the bunker will explode and there is a chance that there will be five paladins waiting to kill the player character before they can return to Colonel Moore.


Alternatively, the Courier can kill everyone inside the bunker, after which they will get the message that the quest is complete. An easy way to clear level one is to go to the office on the left and kill Paladin Ramos. Then with a Science skill of 75 or more, hack the computer on the wall and set the turrets to attack registered Brotherhood personnel. This will take care of almost everyone on level one. Continue to level two and finish off the rest.

It is possible to only kill the named characters in the bunker to complete this quest.

Protecting President Kimball

Moore wants the Courier to talk to Ranger Grant about protecting President Kimball during his visit to Hoover Dam. One must now complete You'll Know It When It Happens, and return to Moore accepting to fight for the NCR. A marker will say to go directly to the stage after talking to Moore. If the Courier stays on the stage or goes near the Veteran Rangers, NCR will shoot at them (even with "full access"). the options are as follows:

  1. Stay near the back until a suspicious character dressed as an NCR engineer enters the area, then crouch behind him. Here one has the option to pickpocket him and see that he has a failsafe explosive device. The player character has the option to then take the device back to Grant. Once this is done Grant will tell them that his rangers will deal with him, however, when the rangers approach the man, he pulls out a combat knife and immediately kills one, causing panic (if one asks Grant additional questions, prior to going outside and waiting for the president, they can have Grant give them full access which allows the player character to go to the vertibird pad and use weapons. The Courier only needs to be "Liked" or better by the NCR prior for this to work). If one leaves this man alone during the speech, Legion snipers will kill the ranger stationed in the first tower (the one behind the president), and attempt to assassinate the president. Kill them and use the radio to inform Grant about the attempt, he will then call off the speech. As the president is being evacuated, he will be attacked by a Legion member disguised as an NCR engineer. He must be killed before he reaches the president, as he can kill Kimball in a single hit.
  2. As the president arrives, one can persuade the guard (Speech 50) to go onto to the vertibird pad. If one has previously been granted full access to all areas by Ranger Grant a Speech check isn't necessary. Once the Vertibird arrives, one can search it. Doing so will uncover a bomb which can be defused (Repair or Explosives skill 50). After telling Ranger Grant of this, he calls off the speech, shoots the engineer responsible for planting the bomb, and gets the president back on the vertibird. This completes the quest.
  3. Talk to the suspicious engineer who will stand to the left of the crowd near the sandbags. He will turn hostile and start running. By then he can be shot at.
  4. If Rex is a companion, then after talking to Ranger Grant, go the roof to await the president's arrival. After the president lands and leaves the roof the engineer will approach the vertibird and Rex may or may not growl. Talk to the engineer before he gets to the vertibird and choose the dialogue options “My dog here doesn't like you” and “Maybe I should tell the MP's”, which turns the engineer hostile, forcing an immediate evacuation of the president and completing the mission. Alternatively, if one has at least the first rank of the Animal Friend perk they can "borrow" the NCR guard dog on the nearby street.
  5. Kill the suspicious engineer after the vertibird lands and jump down to the next level of the visitor center. The President will then fly away in the vertibird safely, leaving only the guards above hostile and everyone else remains friendly.

Quest stages

10 See Colonel Moore at Hoover Dam for further assignments.
20 Visit the Great Khans in Red Rock Canyon and either enlist their aid or destroy them.
25 Return to Colonel Moore with news that the Great Khans will help fight the Legion.
26 Return to Colonel Moore with news that the Great Khans have been destroyed.
27 Speak to Liza O'Malley at the NCR Embassy on the Strip for a lead on the Omertas.
30 Investigate the Omertas, and stop them if their plans oppose the NCR.
35 Return to Colonel Moore and report that the Omertas' plans have been foiled.
36 Return to Colonel Moore and lie about the Omertas' plans.
40 Remove Mr. House as a threat to the NCR.
42 Obtain a Lucky 38 VIP Keycard.
45 Return to Colonel Moore and report that Mr. House is no longer a threat.
50 Find the Brotherhood of Steel chapter in this area and deal with them.
55 Return to Colonel Moore and report that the Brotherhood of Steel chapter in this area has been destroyed.
56 Return to Colonel Moore and report that the Brotherhood will support the NCR against Caesar's Legion.
60 Talk to Ranger Grant about protecting President Kimball during his visit.
65Quest finishedReturn to Colonel Moore and report that President Kimball has safely left.
66Quest finishedReturn to Colonel Moore and report that President Kimball is dead.
70 Talk to Colonel Moore.


  • The Courier may not be able to save Kimball, if they decide to go the Wild Card route, but do not have a good reputation with the NCR. As they are about to complete the game as a Wild Card, they may speak to Yes Man and he will inform them that the president may be assassinated. Two options to choose from will appear in a message box, one stating that the player character has no good relations with NCR and the other, that they do not care what happens to Kimball. There is no third option to back out and try to save him later. This will automatically fail the "You'll Know It When It Happens" quest. When one reaches the point in For the Republic to save the president, both the colonel and Grant will act as if he's alive, even when the NCR troops around state that he is already assassinated. One may then meet Grant outside, when the president is about to arrive and nothing will happen. One must then leave the Dam, and the quest will update to report back to the colonel and tell her that Kimball is dead. This will unlock the achievement for completing the quest, even though Kimball has been dead before starting the quest.
  • One cannot work for both Yes Man and Colonel Moore for this quest. Getting "You'll Know When It Happens" from Yes Man BEFORE getting it from Colonel Moore, will force one to play the rest of the game as a Wild Card rather than working for the NCR. In this case, Colonel Moore will ask the player character to protect President Kimball, but Ranger Grant will not respond to any attempts to talk, therefore the quest cannot be completed. An easy way to avoid this is to ignore Yes Man completely, therefore preventing him from triggering the quest before it is desired by the Courier.
    • There is a way around this on the pc. While looking at Grant, press the ~ (tilde) key to enter the console, then click on Grant and type disable, then enable and exit the console by pressing tilde again, and Grant should start talking.
  • If the player character already received the quest Beware the Wrath of Caesar! prior due to completing Wild Card: Change in Management for Yes Man's quest line, Beware the Wrath of Caesar! may fail upon speaking to Colonel Moore about the Omertas after completing Oh My Papa. Even if one has a positive reputation with Caesar's Legion, one's reputation will decrease significantly and Caesar's Legion will still become hostile regardless of the resulting reputation.
  • Sometimes one can walk around the counter to Grant and he will initiate a conversation about protecting the president, even if the quest was received from Yes Man before talking to the Colonel.
  • Completion of The House Always Wins IV (or higher) will result in this mission being failed. Note that if one has already completed "How Little We Know" when completing "The House Always Wins III", then part IV will automatically be completed and this mission will be failed.
  • Upon destroying the Hidden Valley bunker, the dust storm generator is disabled and smoke will start rising from the air vents around the bunker area.
  • By passing a Speech check (75), one can reveal Karl's real thoughts of the Khans in front of Papa Khan, which leads to Karl's death. However, the Oh My Papa quest line still requires talking with all the above non-player characters to be completed.
  • If one has already completed Oh My Papa and convinced the Great Khans to leave the Mojave, one will immediately be given a dialogue option; "The Khans won't be troubling anyone anymore.", as soon as the quest starts.
  • Managing to ally the Brotherhood of Steel with the NCR will give result in some infamy towards the NCR, but it will not be enough to lower one's actual reputation level with NCR, assuming one has not gained other instances of NCR infamy beforehand.
  • When speaking to a member of the NCR, they will mention Colonel Moore has accepted the Brotherhood of Steel's offer to aid them in battle, even if the player character has not yet spoken to her about it.


  • PCPC When removing Mr. House as a threat, Jane will disappear (just like all of the other individual Securitrons such as Victor). However, one does not have to sell the snow globes to Jane in order to get the Globe Trotter trophy/achievement, since one is only required to collect them.
    • This can be fixed by typing player.placeatme 00116a50 to bring Jane to the current location and stopcombat to be able to talk and sell the snow globes to her.
  • PCPC If one has already completed Oh My Papa and convinced Papa Khan to turn on the Legion and launch an assault during the final battle prior to getting this portion of the quest, one will be unable to return to Moore with a report that the Khans will do so, and this quest will be permanently stuck at this point. To fix this, open the console and enter either of the following commands:
    • SetObjectiveCompleted 136166 20 1 to complete "Visit the Great Khans in Red Rock Canyon and either enlist their aid or destroy them."
    • SetObjectiveDisplayed 136166 25 1 for "Return to Colonel Moore with news that the Great Khans will help fight the Legion."
    • SetObjectiveDisplayed 136166 26 1 for "Return to Colonel Moore with news that the Great Khans have been destroyed."
  • PCPC If one have already completed the Oh My Papa quest when speaking to Colonel Moore, it will be impossible to get the conversation option with Regis to ally with the NCR.
    • A way to fix this issue is to open the console and type resetquest 00140c3a to restart the Oh My Papa quest and finish it again. This will enable further progress in this quest.
    • Another option is to simply kill all members of the Great Khans in and around the encampment.
  • PCPC Xbox 360Xbox 360 If Cachino has already been killed, it may not be possible to complete this quest with positive reputation, because Nero often disappears from Gomorrah altogether. This prevents the assassination of both of the Omertas bosses, and requires one to finish How Little We Know by aiding Big Sal. This results in Strip Infamy, and one must lie to Colonel Moore about their plans.
    • This bug can be bypassed altogether on PC by entering SetObjectiveCompleted 00136166 30 1 and SetObjectiveDisplayed 00136166 35 1 into the command console.
    • If one is planning to continue Wild Card: Side Bets without "ignoring" the Omertas, some variables must be changed through the console. To change the quest's current objective, SetObjectiveDisplayed 00157322 62 0 and SetObjectiveDisplayed 00157322 70 1 must be entered. Then, set "00157322".iOmertaState to 2, set "00157321".bUploaded to 1, and set vStoryEventRacket to 1 must be entered to meet the script conditions for the dialogue option with Yes Man.
  • PCPC Playstation 3Playstation 3 Xbox 360Xbox 360 If the Courier previously completes You'll Know It When It Happens, an optional mission in Yes Man's Wild Card: Finishing Touches, it will prevent the Courier from speaking to Grant and completing the quest. [verified]
    • To fix this on PC, open the console and type: SetObjectiveDisplayed 00136166 65 1
    • To fix this on PS3, just after entering "Hover Dam Visitor Center" from the "Elevator to Hoover Dam Power Plant 01" (where Colonel Moore has to be), go straight to Grant or behind him, he will initiate the dialogue and the quest will continue. Companions may have to wait someplace else for this to work.
  • PCPC Playstation 3Playstation 3 Xbox 360Xbox 360 If the Courier brokers a peace deal between the NCR and the Brotherhood of Steel or Great Khans while wearing NCR-, Great Khan-, or BoS-specific faction armor, members of the formerly opposing faction will still be hostile towards the Courier until the faction armor is removed. [verified]
  • PCPC Playstation 3Playstation 3 Xbox 360Xbox 360 If one talks to Regis about his opinion on NCR, the objective "Talk to Colonel Moore about a Great Khans/NCR alliance" is added, however, there is no speech option with Moore regarding this if one's fame with the Great Khans is too low. [verified]
    • Wearing a faction's armor before talking to Colonel Moore may fix this.
  • PCPC Playstation 3Playstation 3 Xbox 360Xbox 360 Completing the quest Oh My Papa doesn't always update the quest log for For the Republic, Part 2 to tell one to return to Colonel Moore. [verified]
  • Xbox 360Xbox 360 After completing the quest Oh My Papa, sometimes the dialogue options to tell Moore that the Khans have moved out of the Mojave or are starting a suicide mission are unavailable and the only option is to tell her, that they have been wiped out despite that not being the case.
  • PCPC Playstation 3Playstation 3 Xbox 360Xbox 360 If the player character does not talk to Liza O'Malley in the NCR Embassy, before talking to the receptionist at the Gomorrah, then the quest may become bugged. This can occur if both "How Little We Know" and "For the Republic, Part 2" are active. Talking with the receptionist first will advance "How Little We Know" and lock "For the Republic, Part 2" in a bugged state, where one is unable to talk to Colonel Moore. This can occur if one is accepting "How Little We Know" from Mr. House, but then decides to work for the NCR instead. [verified]
    • Typing setstage 136166 10 in the console will start the quest over, allowing for talking through the dialogues and being able to contining the quest as normal.
    • Alternatively, these following console commands can be entered in exactly this order to fix the bug:
      • SetObjectiveDisplayed 136166 30 1
      • SetObjectiveCompleted 136166 30 1
      • If one foiled the Omerta's plans: SetObjectiveDisplayed 136166 35 1
      • If one helped the Omerta's plans: SetObjectiveDisplayed 136166 36 1
  • Playstation 3Playstation 3 Once one is up to the point of finishing the quest, entering Hoover Dam may result in getting locked in. This can be fixed by either reloading a saved state before entering the interior or by going to the Hoover Dam power plant 04 and finding the door leading to the Dam's shut off valve to exit the building. [verified]
  • Xbox 360Xbox 360 If one talks to Colonel Moore about the Great Khans for the first time and leaves Hoover Dam, one may be shown the message "You cannot wait in this location" as if one was still in Hoover Dam. [verified]
  • Xbox 360Xbox 360 Accessing the Brotherhood Bunker with Veronica as a companion, while wearing NCR faction armor, will sometimes prevent the Brotherhood from being hostile towards the player character. [verified]
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OtherCome Fly With Me · Crazy, Crazy, Crazy · Ghost Town Gunfight · Guess Who I Saw Today · Left My Heart · My Kind of Town · The Legend of the Star and A Valuable Lesson · Unfriendly Persuasion · Wheel of Fortune
Companion questsED-E My Love · For Auld Lang Syne · Heartache by the Number · I Could Make You Care · I Forgot to Remember to Forget · Nothin' But a Hound Dog · One for My Baby
Unmarked questsA Bit of Slap and Tickle · A Final Plan for Esteban · Access Powers · All Fired Up! · An Ear to the Ground · Andy and Charlie · Arachnophobia · Arizona Scavenger · Barton the Fink · Bear Necessities · Big Winner (Atomic Wrangler, The Gomorrah, The Tops, Ultra-Luxe, Vikki & Vance) · Bounty Killer (I, II) · Brotherhood Bond (I, II) · Caching in at the Cove · Cajoling a Cudgel · Claws Mended · Claws Out · Dealing with Contreras · Defacing the Humble Stone · Democracy Inaction · Don't Poke at the Bear! · Eddie's Emissary · Exhumin' Nature · Fight Night · Flogging a Dead Corpse · Friend of the Followers · Gland for Some Home Cooking · Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger · Hat's Entertainment · Help for Halford · Hidden Valley computer virus · Highway to the Danger Zone (I, II) · Honorary Rocketeer · I Love Bananas · Iron and Stealing · Keith's Caravan Charade · Laurifer Gladiator · Lenk's Bad Debts · Lily and Leo · Long-Term Care · Malleable Mini Boomer Minds · Maud's Muggers · Meeting an Equal · Missing a Few Missiles · Most Wanted · Not Worth a Hill of Corn and Beans · Old School Ghoul · A Pair of Dead Desperados (I, II) · Papers, Please · Pistol Packing · Playing on the Old Joana · Poor Meat Never Makes Good Soup · Powder to the People · Power to the People · Razzle Dazzle! · Reach for the Sky, Mister! · Rest and Resupply · Ringo's Caravan Rules · Rotface's Loose Lips · Saving (or Savaging) Sergeant Teddy · The Screams of Brahmin · Silus Treatment · Short-Term Treatment · Smooth-Talking Criminal · The Star Showdown · Strategic Nuclear Moose · Straus Calls · Strip Search · Suits You, Sarah · Tags of Our Fallen · A Team of Moronic Mercenaries · Thought for the Day · Tourist Traipse · Trudy's Radio Repair · A Trusted Aide · Useless Baubles or Fancy Trinkets? · We Must Stop Beating Like This · We Must Stop Meeting Like This · Wind-Brahmin Wrangler · You Gotta Break Out a Few Eggs · You Make Me Feel Like a Woman
Add-on quests
Dead MoneySierra Madre Grand Opening! · Find Collars (8: "Dog", 12: Christine, 14: Dean Domino) · Fires in the Sky · Strike Up the Band · Mixed Signals · Trigger the Gala Event · Put the Beast Down · Last Luxuries · Curtain Call at the Tampico · Heist of the Centuries · Big Winner, Sierra Madre
Honest HeartsA Family Affair · Arrival at Zion · Bighorners of the Eastern Virgin · Chaos in Zion · Civilized Man's Burden · Crush the White Legs · Deliverer of Sorrows  · Departing Paradise · Flight from Zion · Gathering Storms · Gone Fishin' · Happy Trails Expedition · Prisoners of War · Retake the Bridge · River Monsters · Rite of Passage · Roadside Attraction · Sanctity of the Dead · The Advance Scouts  · The Treacherous Road · The Grand Staircase · Tourist Trap
Old World BluesAll My Friends Have Off Switches · A Brain's Best Friend · Coming Out of Her Shell · Field Research · He Came... And Went · Influencing People · Midnight Science Fiction Feature! · Old World Blues · On the Same Wavelength · Picking Your Brains · Project X-13 · Sonic Emitter Upgrade · Welcome to the Big Empty · What's in a Name? · When Visitors Attack! · X-2: Strange Transmissions! · X-8 Data Retrieval Test · X-8: High School Horror! · X-13: Attack of the Infiltrator!
Lonesome RoadThe Reunion · The Silo · The Job · The Launch · The Tunnelers · The Divide · The Courier · The End · The Apocalypse