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Food refers to a class of non-chem consumables that usually heal a small number of Hit Points or gives temporary statistic boosts but has no major drawbacks, such as Damage or Action Points.


Food aids the player character, though some items inflict a small dose of radiation. Food is required in Fallout: New Vegas and Fallout 4 in the form of Hardcore mode and Survival mode respectively, and in Fallout 76, implemented as a main gameplay mechanic.

Food is acquired in a variety of ways, either harvested from plants, via hunting creatures, purchased from vendors, or created via cooking. Food can also be found in the wasteland, as some pre-War good is still edible, or one can scrounge post-War food from containers.



Image Name Produces Game
Ash blossom.png Ash blossom
(Ash blossom vine)
Fallout 4
Ash rose.png Ash rose Rad rose Fallout 76
Fo4FH Aster consumable.png Aster Red hot bloom Fallout 4
Fallout 76
Begonia - Mentioned [1] Fallout 3
FO76 Bloodleaf new nif 2.png Bloodleaf
(Bloodleaf plant)
Black bloodleaf
Quantum leaf
Fallout 4
Fallout 76
BrocFlower.png Broc flower - Fallout: New Vegas
Carrot flower.png Carrot flower
(Carrot plant)
Irradiroot Fallout 76
Corpse seeds.png Corpse flower stamen
Corpse flower
Corpse seeds Fallout 76
FNV Daffodil V22 nif.png Daffodil - Fallout: New Vegas
Fever Blossom.png Fever blossom
(Fever blossom plant)
Volatile fever blossom Fallout 76
Flower.gif Flower - Fallout
Fallout 2
Gourd blossom.png Gourd blossom
(Wild gourd vine)
Boom bloom Fallout 76
FNV Hollyhock V22 nif.png Hollyhock - Fallout: New Vegas
Hubflower.png Hubflower
(Ranunculacae serranus)
- Fallout 4
FO76WA Kaleidopore flower.png Kaleidopore flower
(Kaleidopore plant)
Fallout 76
FNV Marigold V22 nif.png Marigold - Fallout: New Vegas
Melon blossom (Fallout 76).png Melon blossom
(Melon vine)
Megaton melon blossom
Melon bloom
Fallout 76
FO76 Fern flower nif.png Mutated fern flower
(Mutated fern)
Flash fern Fallout 76
FNV Pansy V22 nif.png Pansy - Fallout: New Vegas
Poppy - Mentioned Fallout 2
FO76 Rhododendron flower.png Rhododendron flower
(Rhododendron plant)
Raydodendron Fallout 76
Sacred datura root.png Sacred datura root Daturana Fallout: New Vegas
Soot flower.png Soot flower
(Ranunculacae serranus)
Toxic soot flower
Geiger blossom
Fallout 76
FO76 Strangler bloom item.png Strangler bloom
(Strangler plant)
Strangler pod
Swamp plant
Fallout 76
FO76 Wild tato blossom nif 1.png Tato flower
(Wild tato plant)
Afterwind vine Fallout 76
Thistle.png Thistle
(Thistle plant)
Irradiated thistle Fallout 4
Fallout 76


Image Name Variants Game
FO3 fresh apple.png Apple - Fallout 3
Fallout: New Vegas
- Banana - Mentioned Fallout 2
Mentioned Fallout 3
Mentioned Fallout: New Vegas
BananaYuccaFruit.png Banana yucca fruit
(Banana yucca plant)
- Fallout: New Vegas
Barrel cactus fruit.png Barrel cactus fruit
(Barrel cactus)
- Fallout: New Vegas
FO76 Cranberries.png Cranberries
(Cranberry plant)
Diseased cranberries
Blast berry
Fallout 76
FO76 firecracker berry.png Firecracker berry
(Firecracker bush)
Bomb berries Fallout 76
Chem fruit.png Fruit - Fallout
Fallout 2
- Kiwi - Mentioned[2] Fallout 76
Lemon - Mentioned[3] Fallout 4
Mentioned[4] Fallout 76
Lime - Mentioned[5] Fallout 2
Fresh mutfruit.png Mutfruit
(Mutfruit plant)
Crunchy mutfruit
Irradiated mutfruit
Fresh mutfruit
Wild mutfruit
Wild fission fruit
Fallout 3
Fallout: New Vegas
Fallout 4
Fallout 76
Melon.png Melon
(Melon vine)
Fresh melon Fallout 4
Fallout 76
NevadaAgaveFruit-nobg.png Nevada agave fruit
(Nevada agave plant)
- Fallout: New Vegas
Orange - Mentioned[6] Fallout 2
Mentioned[7] Fallout: New Vegas
- Passion fruit - Mentioned[8] Fallout 3
Peach - Mentioned[9] Fallout 3
FO3 fresh pear.png Pear
- Fallout 3
Fallout: New Vegas
Pineapple - Mentioned[10] Fallout 4
PricklyPearFruit2.png Prickly pear fruit
(Prickly pear cactus)
- Fallout: New Vegas
FO3PL Refined Punga.png Refined punga fruit
(Punga fruit plant)
Wild punga fruit
Punga seeds
Fallout 3
FO76 Starlight berries.png Starlight berries
(Starlight creeper bush)
Kiloton creeper Fallout 76
Tarberry.png Tarberry
(Tarberry plant)
Half-life hips Fallout 4
Fallout 76
Watermelon - Mentioned[11] Fallout 2
FO76 blackberry.png Wild blackberry
(Blackberry bush)
Radberry Fallout 76


Image Name Produces Game
FO76 Blight nif.png Blight Bright blight Fallout 4
Fallout 76
FO76 Brain fungus 1.png Brain fungus Enlightened fungus Fallout 4
Fallout 76
Cave fungus.png Cave fungus Mutant cave fungus Fallout 3
Fallout: New Vegas
Fallout 4
Firecap.png Firecap Blast cap Fallout 76
FO76 Flowing gungus.png Glowing fungus Mutshoot fungus Fallout 4
Fallout 76
FO76 Gut shroom nif 2.png Gut shroom - Fallout 76
FO76 Megasloth mushroom.png Megasloth mushroom - Fallout 76


Image Name Variants Game
- Bay leaf - Mentioned[12] Fallout 76
- Broccoli - Mentioned Fallout 3
Fallout 4
Fallout 76
Buffalo gourd seed.png Buffalo gourd seed
(Buffalo gourd plant)
- Fallout: New Vegas
FO2 Cabbage 2.png Cabbage - Fallout
Fallout 2
Carrot.png Carrot Fresh carrot Fallout 3
Fallout: New Vegas
Fallout 4
Fallout 76
- Cilantro - Mentioned[13] Fallout 4
Corn.png Corn
(Wild corn stalk)
Fresh corn
Aftershock stalk
Fallout 2
Fallout 4
Fallout 76
- Fava bean - Mentioned Fallout 2
- Garlic - Mentioned[14] Fallout 76
- Ginger - Mentioned[15] Fallout 4
Ginseng Fo76.png Ginseng root Nuka root Fallout 76
Glowing resin Glowing blue gloam sap Fallout 76
Gourd.png Gourd - Fallout 4
Fallout 76
HoneyMesquitePod-nobg.png Honey mesquite pod
(Honey mesquite tree)
- Fallout: New Vegas
JalapenoPepper.png Jalapeño pepper
(Jalapeño pepper plant)
- Fallout: New Vegas
- Leek - Mentioned [16] Fallout 76
- Legume - Mentioned[17] Fallout: New Vegas
- Lima bean - Mentioned [18] Fallout 3
Maize-consumable.png Maize
(Maize stalk)
- Fallout: New Vegas
- Onion - Mentioned Fallout
Fallout 2
Fallout: New Vegas
Fallout 76
- Oregano - Mentioned[19] Fallout 76
- Paprika - Mentioned[14] Fallout 76
- Peanut - Mentioned Fallout 2
Mentioned Fallout: New Vegas
Mentioned Fallout 4
PintoBeanFNV.png Pinto bean pod
(Pinto bean plant)
- Fallout: New Vegas
Pinyon nuts.png Pinyon nuts - Fallout: New Vegas
FO3 fresh potato.png Potato InstaMash Fallout 3
Fallout: New Vegas
FO76 pumpkin.png Pumpkin - Fallout 76
Razorgrain.png Razorgrain Gigagrain Fallout 76
- Rice Cajun rice & beans Mentioned Fallout 2
Fallout 76
FO76 Silt boi.png Silt bean
(Silt bean plant)
Neutron pod Fallout 4
Fallout 76
FO76 Lure weed.png Snaptail reed
(Snaptail plant)
Crackletail Fallout 76
Spore plant pod.png Spore plant pods
(Spore plant)
- Fallout: New Vegas
Tato.png Tato
(Tato plant)
- Fallout 4
Fallout 76
- Tomato - Mentioned Fallout 2
Mentioned Fallout: New Vegas
Mentioned Fallout 4
- Turnip - Mentioned Fallout 2
Mentioned Fallout 4
Xander root.png Xander root - Fallout 2
Fallout: New Vegas
- Yam - Mentioned Fallout 2

Raw meat

Cooked meat

Prepared meals

Packaged food

Main article: Packaged food


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  1. The Lone Wanderer: "Yes, quite lovely. Um... I've got to go."
    Brailee Ewers: "Oh, certainly! Close the front gate when you leave and mind my begonia garden... I just planted them."
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  3. Deezer: "Why, nothing but the most refreshing, delicious lemonade you've ever tasted!"
    Curie: "Lemonade, truly? But I see no lemons."
    Deezer: "There are no alcoholic additives or artifical preservatives of any kind! Only good old-fashioned cold refreshment!"
    Curie: "He is very odd, no?"
    (Curie's dialogue)
  4. Mr. Squeeze: "I do hope Master Jimmy returns soon with more lemons! We've gotten a few... complaints with the new formula."
    (Mr. Squeeze's dialogue)
  5. Khan raider: "{138}{}{Hey, anyone remember what was in a Long Island Ice Tea?}"
    Khan raider: "{139}{}{Yeah, vodka, rum, tequila, triple sec, lime, and Nuka.}"
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  6. The Chosen One: "{112}{}{Smoothskin? Why did you call me that?}"
    Harold: "{156}{hld14}{You cut with the dull edge of the knife, don’t ya? You don’t look like an orange peel left in the sun all day. Your skin’s still soft and purty. }"
    (Harold's dialogue)
  7. The Courier: "I'm listening."
    Thomas Hildern: "Imagine, if you will, the wasteland in bloom... vast fields of corn that grow from seeds and produce their bounty in the space of a month... ...orchards of trees, their branches weighed halfway to the ground, hung with fat, ripe oranges. A harvest that could feed a city... or a nation. And all this... all this... requiring no more than a few of drops of precious water, and the efforts of only a handful of human farmers. Impossible?"
    (Thomas Hildern's dialogue)
  8. Lone Wanderer: "The taste... I could never get used to it."
    Sierra Petrovita: "No no no! You're mistaken! The flavor is the essence of seventeen different fruits mixed in just the right proportion to give the beverage that delicious taste. In fact, in the Great Passion Fruit Famine of 2044, people actually noticed the taste difference when the flavor was changed!"
    (Sierra Petrovita's dialogue)
  9. The Lone Wanderer: "Okay, I'll get irradiated. Just be ready to fix me up when I get back."
    Moira Brown: "Oh, you're a peach! Or, at least, some sort of hardy fruit that grows in the savagely irradiated mockery of agriculture we have nowadays. Now, 200 rads should be enough for basic sickness, but if you can get 600 or more rads, my tests will be even more accurate. Just make sure you can get back here, and I'll see to it that you're well taken care of!"
    (Moira Brown's dialogue)
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    Dave: "116}{}{I was born two months premature. When I was one, I was dropped on the porch. When I was two, I had pneumonia. When I was three, I got the chicken pox. When I was four, I fell down the stairs and broke six ribs. When I was five, my uncle was decapitated by a watermelon. When I was six, my parents hit me in the head with a shovel. When I was seven, I lost my right index finger to my pet rat.}"
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    (Isaac Karlin's dialogue)
  16. Brahmin noodle soup
  17. The Courier: "You must cultivate soy or legumes for protein, in addition to grains."
    Pete: "[SUCCEEDED] Indeed we do! Very impressive."
    (Pete's dialogue)
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    Ramos: "We gave you a password, Veronica. It's for your safety."
    Veronica Santangelo: "I know where you live Ramos. Open up."
    Ramos: "<Sighs> For Pete's sake. Opening up. Welcome back, Veronica."
    (Ramos' and Veronica Santangelo's dialogue) Note: This conversation between The Courier, her, and Ramos is available only when bringing her as a companion to Hidden Valley when exploring the Hidden Valley bunker for the first time.
  24. The Chosen One: "{411}{}{What do you have to eat here?}"
    Mom: "{353}{}{Brahmin en brochette.}"
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  25. The Chosen One: "{411}{}{What do you have to eat here?}"
    Mom: "{344}{}{Fresh brahmin fries!}"
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  26. The Chosen One: "{411}{}{What do you have to eat here?}"
    Mom: "{341}{}{We're having braised pig-rat.}"
    (Mom's dialogue)
  27. Bread box in Fallout 4 and Fallout 76
  28. The Funnies: Burrito finishes directing a movie.
    Says, “That’s a wrap!”
  29. The Chosen One: "{411}{}{What do you have to eat here?}"
    Mom: "{343}{}{Cabbage soup is all I've got right now.}"
    (Mom's dialogue)
  30. Z2-47: "Are you here for the synth?"
    The Sole Survivor: "I'm here to pick up an order. Two large pepperoni and a calzone. Name is 'Fuck you.'"
    (Z2-47's dialogue)[verification needed]
  31. The Chosen One: "{411}{}{What do you have to eat here?}"
    Mom: "{357}{}{Centaur chops, my specialty.}"
    (Mom's dialogue)
  32. The Courier: "I'm hurt. I need help, Doc."
    Ada Straus: "Unless you dipped that in cheese fondue, I'd say it's infected. Let me fix that up for you."
    (Ada Straus' dialogue)
  33. The Lone Wanderer: "Do you know how Big Town got started?"
    Shorty: "From the look of things, I'd say a Super Mutant sat down in a ditch one day and shat out this town. I dragged myself here from Lamplight. I didn't believe all the stories about Bigtown, but I wasn't about to let everyone else go there without me. A few dozen attacks on the town later, and here I am. Almost an ingredient in a Super Mutant chile cook-off."
    (Shorty's dialogue)
  34. Chop Shop mechanic: "{203}{}{Can we get you anything? A beer? Some water? A danish?}"
    (Chop Shop mechanic's dialogue) Note: This is a float line should the Chosen One be wearing power armor.
  35. The Chosen One: "{411}{}{What do you have to eat here?}"
    Mom: "{349}{}{Filet mignon.}"
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    (Mom's dialogue)
  39. Sign seen at Bloody Frank's
  40. Larry's lowcountry mirelurk boil
  41. The Chosen One: "{411}{}{What do you have to eat here?}"
    Mom: "{351}{}{Mantis marsala.}"
    (Mom's dialogue)
  42. The Chosen One: "{411}{}{What do you have to eat here?}"
    Mom: "{350}{}{Medallions of grilled gecko.}"
    (Mom's dialogue)
  43. The Chosen One: "{411}{}{What do you have to eat here?}"
    Mom: "{352}{}{Molerat manicotti.}"
    (Mom's dialogue)
  44. The Lone Wanderer: "Um... okay... You do know there was a war 200 years ago, right?"
    Brailee Ewers: "Well, I must speak to my husband about that. We could bring it up at the next homeowner's association meeting. Ah, I do love the meetings so much. I think I'll bring muffins!"
    (Brailee Ewer's dialogue)
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  46. Sierra Petrovita: "With its brightly-colored design and delicious burgers and fries, it's no surprise Cappy's Cafe was hugely popular with kids. The cafe was best known for its super-spicy Nuka-Blast Burger, which was so hot it was nicknamed 'the A-bomb on a bun.' On the park's busiest days, the line to get into the cafe was said to stretch all the way to Fizztop Mountain!"
    (Sierra Petrovita's dialogue) Note: This is a part of the tour Sierra Petrovita gives at Cappy's Cafe, in front of the boarded-up door, in Nuka-World, in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.
  47. Chalkboard in the King's School of Impersonation
  48. Vault dwellers: "I was wondering - what's your favorite kind of pizza?"
    (Vault dweller conversations)
  49. The Chosen One: "{411}{}{What do you have to eat here?}"
    Mom: "{354}{}{Radscorpion en croute.}"
    (Mom's dialogue)
  50. The Chosen One: "{411}{}{What do you have to eat here?}"
    Mom: "{340}{}{You're in luck. We're having radscorpion stew.}"
    (Mom's dialogue)
  51. 51.0 51.1 The Chosen One: "{Really?}"
    Mom: "{No, not really. I'm sorry. We just have rat-pie, rat-loaf, and spaghetti.}"
    (Mom's dialogue)
  52. Super mutant: "Want hear new recipe?"
    Super mutant: "What kind?"
    Super mutant: "Rat surprise."
    Super mutant: "Sound good. How me make?"
    Super mutant: "Catch rat. Careful no squish too much."
    Super mutant: "How no squish? Every time I club them, they pop. Very messy."
    Super mutant: "You want hear recipe or not? Catch rat your problem."
    Super mutant: "Me sorry."
    Super mutant: "Like said, catch rat. Hang by tail on wall. Let hang til tail fall off. It ready then. Eat quickly, if let sit too long, the surprise crawl out and fly away."
    Super mutant: "Sound yummy."
    (Super mutants' dialogue) Note: This is a NPC conversation between two generic super mutants at the Military base ruins in Fallout 2.
  53. Courier's brain: "Oh, lovely, we've reached the mindless violence portion of the program. Tell me, what exactly are you - and I use the word loosely - planning?"
    The Courier: "Ever had a squirrel brain omelet? That, but on a bigger scale. And with bombs."
    (Courier's brain's dialogue)
  54. The Chosen One: "{Really?}"
    Mom: "{No, not really. I'm sorry. We just have rat-pie, rat-loaf, and spaghetti.}"
    The Chosen One: "{Uh, could I get something without so much rat in it?}"
    Mom: "{You could have the spaghetti. It doesn't have too much rat in it - just the sauce, that's all.}"
    The Chosen One: "{Well, OK, I guess I'll have the spaghetti with rat-sauce.}"
    (Mom's dialogue)
  55. The Chosen One: "{411}{}{What do you have to eat here?}"
    Mom: "{342}{}{We're serving steamed radscorpion tails in drawn butter.}"
    (Mom's dialogue)
  56. Pioneer Scout camp terminal entries; Pioneer badge exam terminal, Cook
  57. The Chosen One: "{411}{}{What do you have to eat here?}"
    Mom: "{347}{}{Well-marbled molerat.}"
    (Mom's dialogue)
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  61. Vault Dweller: "Where do I need to go?"
    Beckett: "I heard it's in a campsite of some kind. Doubt you'll get any charred marshmallows out of it, though... too bad."
    (Beckett's dialogue)