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Hoi! White Legs don't leave survivors often. You're some kind of lucky, let me tell you.

Follows-Chalk is a tribal living in Zion Canyon in 2281.


When Follows-Chalk was a young boy, a man came through the valley with one of the caravans: a "tall man, big mustache, carried a guitar." Follows-Chalk asked him what he did for a living, and the interpreter told him that he was a singer. "What is that?" he asked. The man explained that he went from place to place and sang for people, who gave him food, shelter, and care in return. Follows-Chalk could not believe that there was a place in this world where a man could do that. He promised himself then that one day he'd explore that world himself.[1]

Follows Chalk's name is derived from the fact that the more experienced Dead Horse scouts leave chalk marks to indicate areas where the game is plentiful. As he is not a full scout yet, he simply "follows the chalk" of the veterans.[2]

While nervous, he is willing to violate the taboo and enter pre-War buildings, unlike most members of his tribe.[3][4] Follows-Chalk idolizes Joshua Graham, which worries the New Canaanite, who feels he should have as little influence over the tribe as possible.[5]

Interactions with the player character[]

Interactions overview[]

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  • Arrival at Zion: After crossing the bridge and escaping the White Legs assault on the caravan, Follows-Chalk finds the Courier and leads them to the Dead Horses camp.
  • Bighorners of the Eastern Virgin: Follows-Chalk informs the player character that the bighorner are becoming restless over the loss of one of their calves. He asks you to return the missing calf, or else the bighorners will stampede into the Dead Horses camp.
  • Civilized Man's Burden: Follows-Chalk is fascinated with civilization outside of Zion. The player character can convince him to either explore it for himself or tell him to stay with his tribe.

Other interactions[]

  • As with other companions, Follows-Chalk will make several comments to the Courier. Some of these comments are unique to certain locations. His repeating comments include references to various local happenings (both current and legend) and many comments about the "civilized" lands outside Zion. These include asking if people really give away all their money just to watch someone flip paper squares on a table, referring to the New Vegas Strip and Blackjack.
  • Sometimes, when Follows-Chalk is knocked unconscious, he will say "Oh, look... I'm not dead" upon regaining consciousness.


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# Slide Voice-over narration In-game condition
Nvdlc02 endingslide followschalk
Follows-Chalk took the Courier's words to heart and decided that the big cities of the Mojave Wasteland and NCR were best left unexplored. Though he sometimes dreamed of distant lands, he continued to support his family at Dead Horse Point, and eventually his wanderlust faded. Tell Follows-Chalk to stay with his Tribe.
Nvdlc02 endingslide followschalk
Follows-Chalk took the Courier's words to heart and decided that he would behold the sights and sounds of distant lands with his own eyes and ears. After returning to Dead Horse Point, he quarreled with his family and other tribe members about his ambitions. One morning, they awoke to discover that Follows-Chalk had set off alone, westward, into the wilderness. He was never seen again. Tell Follows-Chalk that he should see civilization.
* If Civilized Man's Burden is not completed, Follows-Chalk will not be mentioned in the ending slideshow.



  • Of the Dead Horses, Follows-Chalk has the most grammatically correct English and enunciates the clearest.
  • His war club already has the bullet casing ridge, despite him not being a full scout yet.
  • When he tells the Courier about the man he saw when he was young, the Courier can respond "I think I know that guy. Small world." Or if the Courier has completed the quest Talent Pool, they will instead say, "I know that guy, I got him a job," implying the man Follows-Chalk speaks of is the Lonesome Drifter.
  • In his first appearance, Follows-Chalk can easily be mistaken for a White Legs tribal. Should the player character kill him, multiple quests will be failed, and the Dead Horse faction will turn hostile to the player character, including Joshua Graham.
  • If storing items with Follows-Chalk, once Waking Cloud is recruited, the Courier will lose Follows-Chalk as a companion, and all the items will be turned over to the Courier. Additionally the Courier cannot re-acquire Follows-Chalk as a companion.
  • Follows-Chalk will have different dialogue should the Courier manage to evade (most of) the White Leg ambush at the beginning of Honest Hearts. He will try to persuade the Courier in assisting him to eliminate the remaining White Legs in the area.

Notable quotes[]


Follows-Chalk appears only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Honest Hearts.

Behind the scenes[]

Follows-Chalk was written by Travis Stout.[6]



  1. The Courier: "What's with this obsession you seem to have with 'civilization?'"
    Follows-Chalk: "Let me tell you a story. When I was a boy, a man came through the valley with one of the caravans. Tall man, big mustache, carried a guitar. I asked what he did for his living, and the interpreter told me he was a singer. What is that? I asked. The man explained that he went from place to place and sang for people, who gave him food and shelter and care in return. I couldn't believe that there was a place in this world where a man could do that. I promised myself then that one day I'd explore that world myself."
    (Follows-Chalk's dialogue)
  2. The Courier: "Why are you called Follows-Chalk?"
    Follows-Chalk: "Our advance scouts leave chalk signs to mark places rich with game. I'm not a full scout yet, so I follow the marks and guide the hunters."
    (Follows-Chalk's dialogue)
  3. The Courier: "What taboo places?"
    Follows-Chalk: "Lots of them around the valley - places built by the folk from Back When. You'll know them when you see them - scouts mark them with hand prints. The hand prints are a warning to keep out - angry ghosts live inside. Not that I believe in angry ghosts. They're just spooky old places. Right?"
    (Follows-Chalk's dialogue)
  4. Follows-Chalk: "See those handprints? Dead Horses and Sorrows mark them on taboo places, places from Back When. Good thing for you I don't buy into that stuff."
    (Follows-Chalk's dialogue)
  5. The Courier: "Follows-Chalk seems like he's interested in seeing more of the world."
    Joshua Graham: "I thought he might. It's been some time since I've visited... civilized places. I don't have fond memories of them. But I have always seen these places from the outside. I'd rather not influence him more than I already do. Why don't you talk to him?"
    The Courier: "Fine by me. I prefer the wilderness."
    Joshua Graham: "Then let him know. Follows-Chalk needs more guidance in his life. I'd prefer it not come from me. If people want to look to me for how to fight, I will show them how. I believe God put me on this Earth for that very reason. But to live like me, think like me... no. There are better people for them to look to for such things."
    (Joshua Graham's dialogue)
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