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As a representative of the Followers, I present you with your very own Lab Coat. Wear it well, and may it aid our cause.Julie Farkas

The Followers lab coat is a piece of clothing in Fallout: New Vegas.


The Followers lab coat grants a +10 bonus to both Medicine and Science skills.



Julie Farkas will give the Courier one after becoming Idolized and joining the Followers of the Apocalypse. To unlock the dialogue option, donate meds until she says an overstock is reached, then back out of the conversation. She will then force a new conversation offering the Courier to join the Followers.


  • This coat is identical in appearance to the Followers doctor coat worn by Followers doctors, but with improved bonuses.
  • The patch on the shoulder that has a snake twined around the pole glows slightly in the dark.

Behind the scenes

  • The patches on the shoulders are the insignia of the Followers on the left side and the Rod of Asclepius (the snake intertwined on a staff) on the right if the coat is worn by males, but the patches are on opposite shoulders if worn by females.