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The Flying Dragon 8 is Chinatown's general store, run by Lao Chou as of 2241.


Two tables of merchandise take up the southern half of the building, while Lao Chou and his bodyguard stand in the northern half.

Shop inventory

Lao Chou sells the following items (between two different tables) and restocks every 2-4 days.[1] Lao Chou's cash reserve is only restocked every 1-3 weeks.[2] Any item with a percentage after it means it is not always restocked.

Weapons Ammunition Armor and clothing Drugs & Medical Supplies Skill Books Items and Consumables


The merchant Lao Chou, who runs the store, is an excellent renewable source of skill books, such as Guns and Bullets and the Big Book of Science.


The Flying Dragon 8 appears only in Fallout 2.