Flux is a type of crafting component or consumable in Fallout 76.


Flux is harvested from mutated flora that briefly emerge in a blast zone.[1] Before the Great War, flux was researched and subsequently named by the Enclave in Appalachia, who discovered that missile detonations fundamentally change the nature of a plant's tissue.[2]

Although the effect of radiation on flora had been previously considered wholly negative, the resulting products harvested can be used in a variety of ways.[2][1]


Before it can be used in crafting, the raw flux must be stabilized at a chemistry station by combining it with a glowing mass, hardened mass and high-radiation fluids which can be found on the bodies of creatures in the blast zone.

There are five types of flux, each of which emerges from a different kind of plant and requires stabilizing with chemical components for long-term storage and use. Raw flux will deteriorate over time in the player character's inventory, eventually turning into inert flux. Once flux becomes inert, it cannot be stabilized or using in crafting but remains a consumable item.



Region Raw crimson flux Raw cobalt flux Raw fluorescent flux Raw violet flux Raw yellowcake flux
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Ash Heap
Cranberry Bog
The Forest
The Mire
Savage Divide
Toxic Valley


  • Nuked flora will not be produced from crops planted at a C.A.M.P. within the blast zone. Such crops will be destroyed by the nuclear blast.
  • Stable flux may be rewarded for completing Scorched Earth.
  • Patch adjusted the weight and sell values of flux:
    • Stable flux: base value increased from 30 to 100 caps
    • Raw flux: base value decreased from 50 to 10 caps
    • Inert flux: weight reduced to 0.2 lbs and base value decreased to 0 caps



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