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Flora refers to various types of plants found throughout the wastelands.


Mutated and non-mutated plants characteristic of post-War regions. Utilized in a wide variety of ways, including food and medicine. Some plants grow wild whereas others are cultivated. Similarly to before the war, flora varies based on geographical location.



Image Name Produces Media
Ash blossom Ash blossom
(Ash blossom vine)
Fallout 4
Ash rose Ash rose Rad rose Fallout 76
Fo4FH Aster consumable Aster Red hot bloom Fallout 4
Fallout 76
Begonia - Mentioned [1] Fallout 3
FO76 Bloodleaf new nif 2 Bloodleaf
(Bloodleaf plant)
Black bloodleaf
Quantum leaf
Fallout 4
Fallout 76
BrocFlower Broc flower - Fallout 2
Fallout: New Vegas
Carrot flower Carrot flower
(Carrot plant)
Irradiroot Fallout 4

Fallout 76

Corpse seeds Corpse flower stamen
Corpse flower
Corpse seeds Fallout 76
FNV Daffodil V22 nif Daffodil - Fallout: New Vegas
Fever Blossom Fever blossom
(Fever blossom plant)
Volatile fever blossom Fallout 4

Fallout 76

Flower Flower - Fallout
Fallout 2
Gourd blossom Gourd blossom
(Wild gourd vine)
Boom bloom Fallout 4

Fallout 76

FNV Hollyhock V22 nif Hollyhock - Fallout: New Vegas
Hubflower Hubflower
(Ranunculacae serranus)
- Fallout 4
FO76WA Kaleidopore flower Kaleidopore flower
(Kaleidopore plant)
Fallout 76
FNV Marigold V22 nif Marigold - Fallout: New Vegas
Melon blossom (Fallout 76) Melon blossom
(Melon vine)
Megaton melon blossom
Melon bloom
Fallout 4

Fallout 76

FO76 Fern flower nif Mutated fern flower
(Mutated fern)
Flash fern Fallout 4

Fallout 76

FNV Pansy V22 nif Pansy - Fallout: New Vegas
Poppy - Mentioned Fallout 2
FO76 Rhododendron flower Rhododendron flower
(Rhododendron plant)
Raydodendron Fallout 76
Sacred datura root Sacred datura root Daturana Fallout: New Vegas
Soot flower Soot flower
(Ranunculacae serranus)
Toxic soot flower
Geiger blossom
Fallout 76
FO76 Strangler bloom item Strangler bloom
(Strangler plant)
Strangler pod
Swamp plant
Fallout 76
FO76 Wild tato blossom nif 1 Tato flower
(Wild tato plant)
Afterwind vine Fallout 4

Fallout 76

Thistle Thistle
(Thistle plant)
Irradiated thistle Fallout 4
Fallout 76
Flower Unity Rose - Fallout


Image Name Variants Media
- Ancho chile - Mentioned[2] Fallout 76
FO3 fresh apple Apple - Fallout 3
Fallout: New Vegas
- Banana - Mentioned Fallout 2
Mentioned Fallout 3
Mentioned Fallout: New Vegas
BananaYuccaFruit Banana yucca fruit
(Banana yucca plant)
- Fallout: New Vegas
Barrel cactus fruit Barrel cactus fruit
(Barrel cactus)
- Fallout: New Vegas
- Blueberry - Mentioned Fallout (TV show)
- Coconut - Mentioned[3] Fallout 4
FO76 Cranberries Cranberries
(Cranberry plant)
Diseased cranberries
Blast berry
Fallout 76
FO76 firecracker berry Firecracker berry
(Firecracker bush)
Bomb berries Fallout 76
Chem fruit Fruit - Fallout
Fallout 2
- Guajillo chile - Mentioned[2] Fallout 76
- Kiwi - Mentioned[4] Fallout 76
Lemon - Mentioned[5] Fallout 4
Mentioned[6] Fallout 76
Lime - Mentioned[7] Fallout 2
Fresh mutfruit Mutfruit
(Mutfruit plant)
Crunchy mutfruit
Irradiated mutfruit
Fresh mutfruit
Wild mutfruit
Wild fission fruit
Fallout 3
Fallout: New Vegas
Fallout 4
Fallout 76
Melon Melon
(Melon vine)
Fresh melon Fallout 4
Fallout 76
NevadaAgaveFruit-nobg Nevada agave fruit
(Nevada agave plant)
- Fallout: New Vegas
Orange - Mentioned[8] Fallout 2
Mentioned[9] Fallout: New Vegas
- Passion fruit - Mentioned[10] Fallout 3
Peach - Mentioned[11] Fallout 3
FO3 fresh pear Pear
- Fallout 3
Fallout: New Vegas
Pineapple - Mentioned[12] Fallout 4
Pomegranate - Mentioned[13] Fallout 3
PricklyPearFruit2 Prickly pear fruit
(Prickly pear cactus)
- Fallout: New Vegas
FO3PL Refined Punga Refined punga fruit
(Punga fruit plant)
Wild punga fruit
Punga seeds
Fallout 3
FO76 Starlight berries Starlight berries
(Starlight creeper bush)
Kiloton creeper Fallout 76
Tarberry Tarberry
(Tarberry plant)
Half-life hips Fallout 4
Fallout 76
UrbanPosters03 Hospital Watermelon - Mentioned[14] Fallout 2
Mentioned Fallout 3
Mentioned Fallout: New Vegas
Mentioned Fallout 4
FO76 blackberry Wild blackberry
(Blackberry bush)
Radberry Fallout 76


Image Name Produces Media
FNV Barrel cactus 1 Barrel cactus Barrel cactus fruit Fallout: New Vegas
- Peyote cactus - Mentioned Fallout 2
FNV Prickley pear 2 Prickly pear cactus Prickly pear fruit Fallout: New Vegas


Image Name Variants Media
- Bay leaf - Mentioned[15] Fallout 76
- Broccoli - Mentioned Fallout 3
Fallout 4
Fallout 76
Buffalo gourd seed Buffalo gourd seed
(Buffalo gourd plant)
- Fallout: New Vegas
FO2 Cabbage 2 Cabbage - Fallout
Fallout 2
Carrot Carrot Fresh carrot Fallout 3
Fallout: New Vegas
Fallout 4
Fallout 76
- Cilantro - Mentioned[16] Fallout 4
Corn Corn
(Wild corn stalk)
Fresh corn
Aftershock stalk
Fallout 2
Fallout 4
Fallout 76
- Fava bean - Mentioned Fallout 2
- Garlic - Mentioned[17] Fallout 76
- Ginger - Mentioned[18] Fallout 4
Ginseng Fo76 Ginseng root Nuka root Fallout 76
Glowing resin Glowing blue gloam sap Fallout 76
Gourd Gourd - Fallout 4
Fallout 76
HoneyMesquitePod-nobg Honey mesquite pod
(Honey mesquite tree)
- Fallout: New Vegas
JalapenoPepper Jalapeño pepper
(Jalapeño pepper plant)
- Fallout: New Vegas
- Leek - Mentioned [19] Fallout 76
- Legume - Mentioned[20] Fallout: New Vegas
- Lima bean - Mentioned [21] Fallout 3
Maize-consumable Maize
(Maize stalk)
- Fallout: New Vegas
- Onion - Mentioned Fallout
Fallout 2
Fallout: New Vegas
Fallout 76
- Oregano - Mentioned[22] Fallout 76
- Paprika - Mentioned[17] Fallout 76
- Peanut - Mentioned Fallout 2
Mentioned Fallout: New Vegas
Mentioned Fallout 4
PintoBeanFNV Pinto bean pod
(Pinto bean plant)
- Fallout: New Vegas
Mentioned[2] Fallout 76
Pinyon nuts Pinyon nuts - Fallout: New Vegas
FO3 fresh potato Potato InstaMash Fallout 3
Fallout: New Vegas
FO76 pumpkin Pumpkin - Fallout 76
- Radish - Mentioned[2] Fallout 76
Razorgrain Razorgrain Gigagrain Fallout 76
- Rice Cajun rice & beans Mentioned Fallout 2
Fallout 76
FO76 Silt boi Silt bean
(Silt bean plant)
Neutron pod Fallout 4
Fallout 76
FO76 Lure weed Snaptail reed
(Snaptail plant)
Crackletail Fallout 76
Spore plant pod Spore plant pods
(Spore plant)
- Fallout: New Vegas
Tato Tato
(Tato plant)
- Fallout 4
Fallout 76
- Tomato
(Cherry tomato)
- Mentioned Fallout 2
Mentioned Fallout: New Vegas
Mentioned Fallout 4
Fallout TV series
- Turnip - Mentioned Fallout 2
Mentioned Fallout 4

- Wheat - Mentioned[23] Fallout 4
Xander root Xander root - Fallout 2
Fallout: New Vegas
- Yam - Mentioned Fallout 2


Image Name Produces Media
FO76 Blight nif Blight Bright blight Fallout 4
Fallout 76
FO76 Brain fungus 1 Brain fungus Enlightened fungus Fallout 4
Fallout 76
Cave fungus Cave fungus Mutant cave fungus Fallout 3
Fallout: New Vegas
Fallout 4
Firecap Firecap Blast cap Fallout 76
FO76 Flowing gungus Glowing fungus Mutshoot fungus Fallout 4
Fallout 76
FO76 Gut shroom nif 2 Gut shroom - Fallout 76
FO76 Megasloth mushroom Megasloth mushroom - Fallout 76


Image Name Produces Media
FNV Aloe vera nif Aloe vera - Fallout: New Vegas
FO76 Angler plant Angler plant Fallout 76
FO4 Melon Wild GS Ash blossom vine Ash blossom Fallout 4
FNV Banana yucca nif Banana yucca plant Banana yucca fruit Fallout: New Vegas
FO76 Flora blackberry bush rad 1 Blackberry bush Wild blackberry
Fallout 76
FO76 Bloodleaf nif 1 Bloodleaf plant Bloodleaf
Black bloodleaf
Quantum leaf
Fallout 4
Fallout 76
FNV Broadleaf nif Broadleaf plant - Fallout: New Vegas
Buffalo goud seed plant Buffalo gourd plant Buffalo gourd seed Fallout: New Vegas
FO76 Carrot plant Carrot plant Carrot flower
Fallout 76
Coca plant - Mentioned Fallout 2
FO76 Corpse plant Corpse flower Corpse seeds
Corpse flower stamen
Fallout 76
FNV Coyote tobacco nif Coyote tobacco plant Coyote tobacco chew Fallout: New Vegas
FO76 Flora cranberry bush 1 Cranberry plant Cranberries
Diseased cranberries
Blast berries
Fallout 76
Cumin - Mentioned[2] Fallout 76
Experimental plant Experiment NRT-0001 - Fallout 4
FNV False spirea V22 nif False spirea - Fallout: New Vegas
FO76 Fever blossom plant nif Fever blossom plant Fever blossom
Volatile fever blossom
Fallout 76
FNV Fern V22 nif Fern - Fallout: New Vegas
FNV Frailejon nif Frailejon - Fallout: New Vegas
FO76 Greens Greens - Fallout 76
FNV Horseweed V22 nif Horseweed - Fallout: New Vegas
FO76 Pitcher plant 2 Giant pitcher plant Irradiated pitcher plant Fallout 76
Jalapeno-plant Jalapeño pepper plant Jalapeño pepper Fallout: New Vegas
Kaleidopore Kaleidopore flower
Formula P
Fallout 76
FNV Maize 2 Maize stalk Maize Fallout: New Vegas
Marijuana - Mentioned Fallout 76
FO76 Wild melon render 1 Melon vine Melon blossom‎
Megaton melon blossom
Fallout 76
FO76 objects WA moistradkelp Moist radkelp - Fallout 76
- Moss - Mentioned [24] Fallout 76
FO76 Fern flower 1 Mutated fern Mutated fern flower
Flash fern
Fallout 4
Fallout 76
FNV Nevada agave nif Nevada agave plant Nevada agave fruit Fallout: New Vegas
- Patchouli - Mentioned[25] Fallout 4
Mentioned[26] Fallout 76
- Pine cone - Mentioned [27] Fallout 76
Pinto bean plant Pinto bean plant Pinto bean pod Fallout: New Vegas
FO76 Flux flora 12 Rhododendron plant Rhododendron flower
Rayodendron flower
Fallout 76
FNV Sagebrush nif Sagebrush - Fallout: New Vegas
Nvseaplant02 Sea plant - Fallout: New Vegas
Nvseaplant01 Sea plant - Fallout: New Vegas
Siltbean plant Silt bean plant Silt bean pod
Neutron pods
Fallout 4
Fallout 76
FO76 Flux flora 13 Snaptail plant Snaptail reed Fallout 76
Spore plant Spore plant Spore plant pods Fallout: New Vegas
FO76 Starlight creeper Starlight creeper bush Starlight berries Fallout 76
FO76 Strangler heart nif Strangler plant Strangler pod
Strangler bloom
Swamp plant
Fallout 76
FO76 Tarberry plant 2 Tarberry plant Tarberry Fallout 76
FO76 Tato plant 2 Tato plant Tato Fallout 76
FO76 Thistle plant nif Thistle plant Thistle
Irradiated thistle
Fallout 4
Fallout 76
Valeriana officinalis - Mentioned[28] Fallout 4
White horsenettle White horsenettle plant White horsenettle Fallout: New Vegas
FO76 Flux flora nisk wild gourd 3 Wild gourd vine Gourd blossom
Boom bloom
Fallout 76
FO76 Wild tato plant nif Wild tato plant Tato flower
Afterwind vine
Fallout 76


Image Name Produces Media
FNV Aspen nif Aspen tree - Fallout: New Vegas
FNV Goldfinger banana V22 nif Goldfinger banana tree - Fallout: New Vegas
Bleach dogwood Gamma dogwood Fallout 76
Cedar tree - Mentioned[29] Fallout 4
Mentioned[30] Fallout 76
FNV Cypress tree 1 Cypress tree - Fallout: New Vegas
FNV Date palm nif Date palm tree - Fallout: New Vegas
Elm tree - [31] Fallout 4
FNV Ficus nif Ficus tree - Fallout: New Vegas
FNV Grey birch nif Grey birch tree - Fallout: New Vegas
FNV Honey mesquite tree nif Honey mesquite tree Honey mesquite pod Fallout: New Vegas
FNV Joshua tree new 1 Joshua tree - Fallout: New Vegas
Mahogany tree - Mentioned[32] Fallout 4
Mentioned[33] Fallout 76
Maple tree - [34] Fallout 4
FNV Mojave yucca new 1 Mojave yucca - Fallout: New Vegas
- Oak tree - Mentioned[35][36] Fallout 4
Mentioned[37] Fallout 76
Plum tree - Mentioned[38] Fallout 3
FNV Queen palm 1 Queen palm tree - Fallout: New Vegas
FNV Red cedar tree 2 Red cedar tree - Fallout: New Vegas
FNV Sago palm 2 Sago palm tree - Fallout: New Vegas
FNV Sassafras tree 2 Sassafras tree - Fallout: New Vegas
Sequoia - Mentioned[39][40] Fallout: New Vegas
Triacanthos - Mentioned[41] Fallout 4
Weeping willow - Mentioned[42] Fallout 76
FNV Juniper tree 2 Western juniper tree - Fallout: New Vegas

Nuked flora[]

Main article: Blast zone

In Fallout 76, flora in nuked zones mutate into variants, from which different types of raw flux can be harvested. The blast zone's mutating effect on flora can often extend outside of the blast radius and can persist after the radiation has cleared.

Nuked flora
FO76 Crimson Flux Locations Raw crimson flux
FO76 Cobalt Flux Locations Raw cobalt flux
FO76 Fluorescent Flux Locations Raw fluorescent flux
FO76 Violet Flux Locations Raw violet flux
FO76 Yellowcake Flux Locations Raw yellowcake flux


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