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The floating barge is a unmarked location in the Commonwealth in 2287, located southeast of Spectacle Island.


This minor settlement was the home of a small group of scientists.[1] Rudimentary attempts were made to purify water and grow crops; however, the group appears to have gradually died off, with some members being buried at sea in coffins, before the final two members died alone with no one left to provide them a similar funeral. At some point, the tugboat leading the barges sank, bringing two residents and a row boat down with it. The cables connecting it to the rear barge crashed down, leaving the northern barge a wreck.


The floating barge actually consists of a pair of barges and a tugboat. The tugboat has sunk to the bottom of the harbor, where a small amount of loot and two skeletons can be found. A patio table and other furniture are also found around the area.

The southern barge consists of a small yard at the front of the barge, where a clothes drying line and some Abraxo cleaner can be found, near a swing set and basketball hoop. Two coffins float just barely cast off, with another in the yard and a fourth inside the barge, in a cabin that also features a microscope. The edges of the barge have been decorated.

In the middle of the barge, there are tires which have been fashioned into silt bean, tato and mutfruit planters. Farther back, a sleeping area can be found with an Advanced-locked safe and a seventh skeleton. Behind it is a rudimentary water purifier, using a ruined car as a water tank. The water is irradiated. The northern barge is completely destroyed, with the winch still connecting it to the tugboat having collapsed. The cable is still connected, however, and can be followed down to the tugboat. An eighth skeleton can be found in the small cabin of the northern barge.


The floating barge appears only in Fallout 4.


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    "Two barges provided relative safety for a group of scientists. But that was decades ago. Now their bones have been picked clean. Inspect the barge for a safe to crack (Advanced)."