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Flick's Slum is a devastated pre-War store in The Den, run by Flick, who also gives a number of addicts a place to crash.


Once a pre-War Kwik N Save convenience store,[1] over a century of neglect has left the building in poor condition.

The store is made up of three rooms, with the entrance area housing a large number of addicted customers who, judging by the mattresses on the floor, live here as well. Flick himself works out of a room on the southern side, with an empty room on the southeast side.

Most of the shop furnishings are long gone, with rotten mattresses and dilapidated bookcases occupying the main room, where the addicts and beggars sleep. The two rooms on the southern face of the building are occupied by Flick, the "proprietor", who sells goods of dubious origin.

Shop inventory

Weapons Armor and clothing Ammunition Items and Consumables


The pair of orphan children who wait outside the door of this location will attempt to steal from the Chosen One as they enter.


Flick's Slum appears only in Fallout 2.


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