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Rose wants someone to try out some Raider tactics so she can gauge their effectiveness.

Flavors of Mayhem is a main quest in Fallout 76.

Quick walkthrough

  • Craft a modification for Rose's syringer and use it to kill an enemy
  • Craft some explosive bait and use it to kill an enemy
  • Interact with a deathclaw
  • Steal a weapon from a super mutant camp
  • Kill some feral ghouls

Detailed walkthrough

After completing Signal Strength, Rose will task the player character with learning the tactics used by the five raider gangs that once existed in Appalachia to see which works the best.


The first gang Rose tasks the player character in following in the footsteps of is the Cutthroats, who used the weakening chem Karma against their enemies. Rose will give the player character Rose's syringer and ask them to modify it with a Karma syringe barrel mod. After adding the mod, one is instructed to shoot a yao guai with Rose's syringer and then kill it while it is under the influence of Karma.

In doing so, the target will become stronger for 60 seconds, and then, for 60 seconds after that, will become significantly weaker. The quest marker will take the player character to Monongah Overlook, where they will be asked to defeat a stunted yao guai. Note that any yao guai killed in the described manner counts. The player might find yao guais in other locations more easily accessible, such as the one at the parking lot at the Philippi Battlefield Cemetery, the one roaming around the lake outside Site Alpha, or the one near the park entrance at Dolly Sods Wilderness. Any yao guai will do to complete this assignment for Rose.


The next gang whose tactic must be learned is the Trappers. As their name suggests, Trappers were known for using a variety of traps, and Rose instructs the player character to go to the Sons of Dane compound, where they will find the ingredients needed to build explosive bait. After finding the ingredients and crafting explosive bait, one must use it to kill an enemy.


Rose will then bring up that one of the gangs, the Diehards, were not like other raiders because they were against un-aggravated killing, and that if they had any tactic it would be making friends. Rose will then send the player character to "make friends" with a deathclaw. Getting in proximity to and interacting with the deathclaw causes it to attack, with Rose stating she didn't actually think the player character would do it, and give the options of either fleeing from the deathclaw or killing it. The deathclaw can be dead, resulting in a long wait time for a spawn. There are a few other places where a deathclaw is known to spawn, like Deathclaw Island, Thunder Mountain substation TM-02, or the abandoned waste dump where two can be found.

Blackwater Bandits

Following the encounter with the deathclaw, Rose will mention the Blackwater Bandits' thievery expertise and tasks the player character with stealing a weapon from a super mutant camp; the weapon stash can be located at Relay tower HN-B1-12, Summersville, New Gad, or a number of other locations. The details will be marked on the map. While Rose emphasizes the gang's use of stealth, it is not required to steal the weapon without being spotted.


The final gang to be emulated is the Gourmands, who Rose remarks as being cannibals and sends the player character to kill a group of feral ghouls and eat one. Several locations where feral ghouls are normally found will be marked on the map, including near the Charleston Fire Department, The Whitespring Resort, and R&G Processing Services, where Site Charlie is hidden. After killing the ghouls, Rose will comment that she won't make anyone eat another human or ex-human, and the optional objective to cannibalize the ghoul appears. Regardless if one eats the ghoul thanks to the Cannibal perk, Rose tells the player character to return to the Top of the World for their reward and the next part of the raider questline, Key to the Past.

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Speak with RoseI need to go speak with Rose at the Top of the World. She wants me to do something for her again.
? Add a Karma Syringe Barrel Mod to Roses' SyringerRose is having me test out various Raider tactics to see which ones work best. Following in the footsteps of the Cutthroats, I need to add a Karma Syringe Barrel to Rose's Syringer.
? Shoot a Yao Guai with a Karma SyringeNow I need to shoot something with Rose's Syringer. Although anything will do, but Rose prefers I shoot a Yao Guai. The Karma syringe will boost the target's natural abilities for a while, then they'll be easier to kill when the come crashing off of it.
? 2:00 Kill Your Target While It Is Affected by KarmaI shot my target with a Karma dart, now I have to make sure it dies.
? Craft Explosive Bait at Any Tinker's WorkbenchI need to craft explosive bait, a favorite tool of the Trappers. It should attract hungry creatures and detonate when they get near, damaging them with a concussive blast.
? Find Materials to Craft Explosive Bait
? Use Explosive Bait on a CreatureI need to test the Explosive Bait. If I set up the bait near a hungry carnivore, the meat should attract the creature, and the explosives will detonate when it gets near.
? Approach a Deathclaw and "Make Friends"Rose says the Diehards weren't as aggressive as the other Raiders. She wants me to go "make friends with a Deathclaw." This sounds insane, but could it work?
? (Optional) Kill the DeathclawI came across a Deathclaw, and as I suspected, she wasn't serious. It's clearly very hostile. I need to kill it or run away!
? (Optional) Flee from the DeathclawI ran away from the Deathclaw Rose had me try to befriend.
? Steal From a Super Mutant CampThe Blackwater Bandits were master thieves, so I'm supposed to follow in their footsteps and steal a weapon from a Super Mutant camp.
? (Optional) Don't Get Caught
? Kill a Feral GhoulI successfully stole from the Super Mutants. Now, Rose is telling me i need to learn from the cannibalistic Gourmands. First, I need to find a group of feral ghouls and kill one.
? (Optional) Equip Cannibal Perk and Cannibalize a Feral GhoulI killed a feral ghoul. I can probably get away with not eating its flesh, but it won't win as many points with Rose if I don't. Whether I choose to be a cannibal or not, I need to go back and see Rose.
? Speak with RoseI killed a feral ghoul and ate its flesh, which was actually beneficial. I now need to go back and see Rose.
?Quest finishedI followed all of Rose's instructions. I now have a bunch of new Raider tools and tactics available to me.


  • Although only required for the first part of this quest, Rose's syringer cannot be dropped until the entire quest is completed.
  • "Make Friends" with a deathclaw works on a random deathclaw that appears during the event to claim Mount Blair workstation.


  • PCPC Xbox OneXbox One Sometimes, even with the right equipment, you cannot craft explosive bait.[verified]
  • PCPC Xbox OneXbox One Sometimes the marker will not appear on the map and the player character will have to visit both camps of Blackwater Bandits or reconnect, another fix requires the player to request the quest location in the Pip-Boy menu.[verified]
  • PCPC "Make friends with a Deathclaw" If you kill the deathclaw earlier in the game, you cannot later come back to "make friends." Instead you're stuck not being able to complete the main questline. Instead, you return to the area designated only to still see the deathclaw's body.[verified]
  • PCPC Sometimes a weapon cannot be found in the camp's weapon stash. This can simply be fixed by adding the player's weapon into the container taking the weapon back.[verified]