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Flatwoods monsters are creatures found in Appalachia.


Flatwoods monsters are aliens described as a hovering creature with glowing purple eyes, capable of abducting wastelanders.[3][4] The wandering storyteller shares details about the creature, warning that its "mere presence can warp the mind of all but the most iron-willed."[5][6]

In pre-War West Virginia, near the town of Flatwoods, many claimed to see a dark, mysterious figure with glowing eyes.[7] Colton Pickins claims he was taken onto its spaceship and subjected to experimentation, but his account was dismissed by police.[8] After the war, there are accounts of wastelanders being taken, only being able to recall a blinding light afterward.[9]



A Flatwoods monster's head is encased in a purple helmet, which obscures most of its face. The rest of the body is sealed in a protective suit. Flatwoods monsters have no visible legs, the suit instead terminating to a bullet-shaped point at its bottom. The Flatwoods monster has three fingers on each hand. Its blood is green, which can be seen when fighting them.

Gameplay attributes

A Flatwoods monster can be encountered at night in a random encounter. If approached or shot at, it will engage the player character using teleportation to move around. If a player character exits combat or remains hidden for too long, the Flatwoods monster will suddenly disappear along with a flash of light.

During combat, a Flatwoods monster will teleport around. It regenerates lost health when nearly dead multiple times and can also take control of other creatures and robots around it and use them to defend itself, indicated by the purple glow around the creatures under its control. The Tales from the West Virginia Hills magazine issue #5 will provide an additional 15% damage against the Flatwoods monster.

Level Laser Energy Melee Attack
20-30 85 60
40 105 65
50 125 75
75 125 100
100 200 135
Level Damage resistance Energy Radiation Acid Fire Cryo
20-30 50 100 No 100 100 100
40 100 200 No 200 200 200
50-75 150 300 No 300 300 300
100 200 400 No 400 400 400
Body parts
Part Dmg Mult Health Hit chance
Head 1.25 35 40%
Torso 1.0 80 60%
Left arm 1.0 60 40%
Right arm 1.0 60 40%


Name (Form ID)AbilitiesItems
Flatwoods monster
Fabled Flatwoods monster
Unarmed (65 Damage)
Laser (105 Damage)
Mythical Flatwoods monster
00549DA4 Cut content
Unarmed (75 Damage)
Laser (125 Damage)


2.5% chance (night only)


  • The Flatwoods monster is mentioned in the Enlightened tome False Gods of Appalachia.
  • The Flatwoods monster's controlling ability affects every non-player character entity in-game. This includes the scorchbeast queen, the mothman and even a player character's own C.A.M.P. turrets.
  • Although extremely rare (0.06%), it is possible to trigger two adjacent spawns with the Flatwoods monster and/or the mothman, the latter of which may be controlled if it strays too close.
  • If the Flatwoods monster were to be Legendary, it would apply poison damage on hit after regenerating its health.


The Flatwoods monster appears only in Fallout 76.

Behind the scenes

The Flatwoods monster is based on West Virginia folklore.


  • PCPC Xbox OneXbox One Playstation 4Playstation 4 The Flatwoods monster may never spawn as a Legendary enemy.[verified]
  • PCPC Xbox OneXbox One Playstation 4Playstation 4 Similar to burrowing creatures, if the Flatwoods monster is killed with VATS while it is teleporting, its body may fall beneath the game floor and be unlootable.[verified]
  • PCPC Xbox OneXbox One Playstation 4Playstation 4 The Flatwoods monster laser beam attack does not count as an energy weapon, and will not proc Electric Absorption. It still deals energy damage.[verified]




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