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A small town near the Vault 76 construction site, Flatwoods was home to a local motel, tavern, and church. Vault-Tec projections for the survivability of the residents of this area were not optimistic.Fallout 76 loading screens

Flatwoods is a town in the Forest region of Appalachia.


A town on the Flatwoods River in Appalachia, known for tales of its namesake monster. Entryway signs reading "Home of the Green Monster" can be found at the town's entryways. One inhabitant lives here, mirroring less than optimistic projections about the town's post-War survivability as reported by Vault-Tec.[1][2]

Although impoverished, the town remained tight-knit and eventually joined the Responders as they migrated north to Morgantown after the Charleston Flood of 2082.[citation needed] The local reverend, Delbert Winters, was born and raised in Flatwoods and offered the new group of volunteers use of his church for their outpost.[3] The Responders settled here, and began to offer training, shelter, food, water, and a purpose to the survivors of the Great War.[4][3]

Raiders, driven out of the Savage Divide by super mutants and scorchbeasts, swept through the valley, trying to put as much distance between them and the monsters as possible.[citation needed] It was already difficult for the Responders to cope with the strain of caring for survivors and sustaining themselves, resulting in the raiders taking the outpost by force.[clarification needed] The only current residents of Flatwoods are Heather Ellis and her dog, Chloe.


Flatwoods is a small town with two main roadways - Church Street and Bridge Road. Heading south from the overseer's camp, the road leads past the Green Country Lodge and a house where the body of Willie Mae is found.

Heading under the Green Country Bridge, the church and tavern come into view. Bridge Road is a left hand turn from here, and to the right is the house in which Sofie Yates' remains are found. Down Bridge Road, both Colonel and Jeremiah Ward are found deceased in houses to the left. Vesta's Housewares is located on the right. Heading west down State Route 86B leads to the Vault-Tec Agricultural Research Center across a bridge over the Flatwoods River.

Continuing on Church Street leads to the meeting hall, a yellow house with a tinker's workbench and a weapons workbench, and the Responder command center at the church, and the Flatwoods Tavern. The tavern has two floors, with a large cooking area established in the adjacent parking lot where Rev. Delbert Winters taught residents how to cook after he encountered survivors eating "raw rat carcass behind a dumpster."[3] The automated training kiosks are set against the northeastern wall on the first floor, offering training as a Responder volunteer.

Past the tavern is a parking lot with a cooking station and moving forward leads to the trailer of Delbert Winters, inside of which his remains are found. On the south side of town is a Red Rocket gas station that has a stash box within it and a tinker's workbench on the outside/rear. A few feral ghouls linger around the Red Rocket.

South of the Flatwoods Tavern are several more locations including the house Nurse Scott body is found, the community garden, and a tent campsite. Several harvestable items can be found in the garden, including silt beans and mutfruit. The tent city is a mix of destroyed and intact tents and has several ghouls laying on sleeping bags until the Vault Dwellers approach and a mix of crafting and consumable items. The holotape I hate Flatwoods can be found under a white pillow in the white tent on the right of the camp.

Notable loot

General area


Delbert Winter's home


  • I hate Flatwoods - Holotape, in the white tent with the two radstags hanging by it. The tape will be hidden under a pillow on the white mattress with the blanket.
  • Three potential armor plans:
    • One can be found near the armor workbench on top of the cabinet by the hammer (armor mod plan).
    • One can be found near the armor workbench on the bottom shelf of the metal shelves (armor plan).
  • Two potential weapon mod plans:
    • Can be found near the weapons workbench, near a greenhouse, on the middle shelf of the metal shelves.
    • Can be found near a weapons workbench with a blank Responders sign at the entrance of town, on the lower middle row of a metal shelf.
  • Two potential weapon mods:
    • Can be found near the weapons workbench, near a greenhouse, on the middle shelf of the metal shelves.
    • Can be found near a weapons workbench with a blank Responders sign at the entrance of town, on the lower middle row of a metal shelf.
  • Four potential recipes:
    • Two inside Delbert Winter's trailer, to the right of the fridge and along the wall over the oven.
    • Two inside the home where Jeremiah Ward is found, to the right of the fridge and along the wall over the oven.


  • Entering the vicinity of Flatwoods or fast traveling to the town will trigger the event Fertile Soil.
  • Flatwoods is one of two places currently available as a map for the Nuclear Winter game mode.


Flatwoods appears only in Fallout 76.

Behind the scenes

Flatwoods is based on the real-world town of Flatwoods, known in West Virginia folklore as being home to the Flatwoods monster, located in Braxton County.



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    This rural town was home to a group of maverick holdouts with a willingness to help others, a ragtag bunch known as the Responders. Sadly, they are all departed, but their legacy lives on: As you pass under the bridge from Green Country Lodge, the main drag is Church Street, named after the Church ("Command Post") with a trading robot, Overseer's Cache. There are also Responder quest terminals inside, including the Responders Database and a lab terminal (as well as a couple of Chemistry Stations).
    Check the Flatwoods Tavern ("Volunteers Needed") for two Self-Serve Registration Kiosks (to begin your work as a volunteer), as well as a holotape, a Kitchen Terminal (0), and an Automated Pantry you can donate to. Upstairs is another holotape.
    Reverend Winters'sIn-game spelling trailer is also here; search inside for clues during the Responder Quest: Second Helpings. Along the western side of town runs a river. Seek out Kesha McDermott here; she was testing the water supply. On the far south side of town, across the road, are military tents, the Community Garden (with Water Pump), and the Red Rocket Gas Station ("Supplies"), where you find a Stash Box.
    Perhaps your questing might reveal the secrets of the Flatwoods Green Monster? Start with Nurse Scott's Holotape.
    There are 10 Survivor Story holotapes in Flatwoods, most of which are on the corpses of the deceased Responders and refugees. There are a couple in coolers, chests, and on tables as well."
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