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You have found a Flash Bang grenade! Flash Bangs are special grenades that:

- Deal Fatigue damage.
- Reduce enemy weapon skills.

- Have a chance to Frenzy Tunnelers.
— "Flash bang information" note.

The flash bang is a thrown explosive in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Lonesome Road.


The flash bang is a different type of grenade that deals fatigue damage. In addition, they also reduce enemy weapon skills and have a chance to frenzy tunnelers. Upon detonation, the grenade releases a large explosion of blue colored energy.

Getting caught in a flash bang's radius causes the screen to either blur or turn completely white, depending on how close the Courier was to the blast. In addition, their hearing is severely affected. Combined, these effects can severely hamper combat effectiveness.

This weapon qualifies as an improved holdout weapon.


  • Found on the body of a dead NCR trooper when first entering the collapsed overpass tunnel.
  • Can be found on and used by marked hunters and marked scouts in varying amounts (1-3+).
  • Can be found on the occasional dead NCR troopers or NCR Rangers, typically in caves or other dark areas.
  • Can be bought when accessing the commissary terminal, which usually holds 5 each time.


  • Flash bangs were originally going to appear in the main game but were cut for unknown reasons. They were going to be named stun grenades.
  • Flash bangs have a decently large blast radius, and with the perk Splash Damage added, the radius becomes very large, and has a chance of inflicting the effects upon the player character as well if they are not careful.
  • If the Courier throws the flash bang too close to themselves, they may suffer from crippled limbs.
  • Ulysses makes frequent use of flash bangs during combat in order to disorient the Courier and marked men.


PCPC Playstation 3Playstation 3 Xbox 360Xbox 360 Flash bangs do not exclude the player character or robots from receiving Fatigue damage as other sources of Fatigue damage do. This can allow the Courier to render a robot or even themselves "Unconscious." [verified]