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For an overview of flare gun models that appear in the Fallout series of games, see flare gun.

The flare gun is a weapon in Fallout 4.


The flare gun is a break-action single-shot weapon that is not designed to deal direct damage, but instead to summon nearby Minutemen for assistance. It can also attract nearby Brotherhood of Steel vertibirds. Firing a flare directly at an enemy will cause a small amount of damage, but virtually every other weapon will yield better results in the heat of battle.

Weapon modificationsEdit

The flare gun is unmodifiable, as it is likely not intended as a combat weapon, and is intended to be virtually exclusive to the use of signaling the Minutemen for assistance. It is poorly suited for lighting dark areas as the flare doesn't stick to a surface and has a time delay ignition.


The Sole Survivor is given a flare gun by Preston Garvey after completing the quest The First Step for the Commonwealth Minutemen.


  • Needs to be within range, 3-4 map tiles, of an "owned" settlement to summon help.[1]
    • If the player character is just outside the range, they may be able to successfully summon the NPCs by firing towards the settlement. Conversely, a player character just within range may fail to summon their allies if they fire in the opposite direction. For most reliable results, the gun should be aimed towards the settlement. (Recommend checking the map and placing a marker in-line with the nearest owned settlement to use as a reference point.)
  • After completing the main story with the Minutemen, the flare gun is much more useful and can be used in many more locations. It then must be fired within range of a settlement or one of the many Minutemen-occupied checkpoints.
  • Summons between three and six Minutemen and possibly a dog. The Minutemen will only rarely be higher than level 1.
  • Can be used once every 24 in-game hours.
  • On firing ones flare for aid if, in range, they will send up another flare also in response to let one know they are incoming.
  • Unlike the Lonesome Road variant the flare ignites/detonates after a small time delay.
  • The flare gun serves little function on the Island, as the Minutemen have no presence there, and can't be used in that area to summon reinforcements.
  • One cannot store a flare gun on a weapon rack.
  • Only one flare gun is given to the player character in the game.


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