For an overview of flamer fuel ammunition types, see flamethrower fuel.


Flamer fuel is a type of ammunition in Fallout 3.


It is a gray canister carrying a concentrated and highly-flammable liquid, and is used as ammunition for the flamer and other fire-based weapons.

Weapons using this ammunition



  • The actual "loose" ammunition canisters, as seen in the picture, are mounted on either side of the flamer backpack or the sides of the heavy incinerator.
  • While most fuels were depleted during the Resource Wars, it would still be possible to make flamethrower fuel in the post-War conditions. As seen with the flamer's short and wide spread, the fuel used is likely a form of vegetable oil and could even be mixed with napalm, a substance that can also be made even without conventional petrol.
  • If during the Operation: Anchorage add-on, a flamer is obtained (through reverse-pickpocketing), there is an associated script with the ammo dispenser, which can be exploited to get near-infinite ammunition. See Operation: Anchorage exploits for more details.
  • The above is also true if one can obtain a Minigun from an NPC. Pressing X-Take All is the best approach to this type of pickpocketing. Position the player character as far away from the target NPC as is still possible to pickpocket. Press X and then stand up and run the opposite direction. If no message appears saying, "...item(s) removed" it is very possible that some of his items will have been successfully stolen.
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