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I ask it to run the other machines and it obeys. This machine no longer listens. It will no longer run the other machines. We are running out of food and water.Gruthar

Fix the Vault 13 computer is a side quest in Fallout 2.

Quick walkthrough

Side Quest: Fix the Vault 13 computer
Get a voice recognition module.
Install the module.
Reward: GECK

Detailed walkthrough

Talk to Gruthar, who will tell the Chosen One about the situation with the Vault 13 main computer, and how it does not respond to voice commands anymore. All the Chosen One needs is a Vault-Tec voice recognition module. It can be found in two places; either bought from Eldridge for $3000 in New Reno by asking him for "something special," or found in storage in Vault 8 at Vault City. Simply use the access terminal at the computer and install the module.



If the Chosen One has not taken the GECK from Vault 13, the deathclaws will give it to them.