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Fix It Good is a perk in Fallout 76.


Rank Description Form ID
1 You can repair armor and Power Armor to 130% of normal maximum condition. 003E35BE
2 You can repair armor and Power Armor to 160% of normal maximum condition. 003E35BF
3 You can repair armor and Power Armor to 200% of normal maximum condition. 003E35C0


  • Condition over 100% shows as a narrow white bar in the middle of the condition bar.
  • This perk also increases condition when CRAFTING armor or power armor.
  • It increases ballistic resistance. This bonus diminishes as condition lowers to 100%, below which there is no bonus. The increase varies with different armors. Light armor ballistic resistance can be double or higher at 160% condition. High level power armor ballistic resistance may increase 30% at 160% condition. There is no increase to other resistances.
  • Weapon Artisan is the analogous perk for weapons.
  • White Knight reduces repair costs.

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