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The fissure sites are locations in Appalachia in 2102.

Background[edit | edit source]

Fissure sites are an integral part of the scorchbeasts' life cycle, allowing the monsters to rapidly emerge from the tunnels they nest in and attack any creatures on the surface. These sites dot the landscape of Appalachia, gradually turning an already hostile wasteland into something even more horrific.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Inactive fissure sites[edit | edit source]

Inactive sites have no ultracite ore, scorched, or scorchbeasts and are merely curiosities in the landscape.

Active fissure sites[edit | edit source]

Active fissure sites have ultracite ore and are guarded by Scorched. They spawn scorchbeasts. Falling into the bright part of an active fissure site causes immediate death and dropped loot cannot be retrieved.

Named sites[edit | edit source]

Named sites are listed below. These locations have map and compass markers:

Unnamed sites[edit | edit source]

Also have ultracite ore and are guarded by scorched. Scorchbeasts spawn here and are frequently seen flying over them and in their vicinity. Unlike the named sites, they do not have maps or compass markers.

  • Unmarked fissure site - Cranberry Bog - Immediately southeast of Firebase LT. The rising smoke is clearly visible from Firebase LT. Movement in the firebase can cause a scorchbeast to spawn.
  • Unmarked fissure site - Cranberry Bog - Northeast of quarry X3. Scorchbeasts from here patrol the central Cranberry Bog, north of Watoga.
  • Unmarked fissure site - Cranberry Bog - Northwest of drop site V9. Scorchbeasts from here patrol the southeastern Cranberry bog.
  • Unmarked fissure site - Cranberry Bog - East of Forward Station Alpha. Scorchbeasts from here usually patrol between Forward Station Alpha and Drop Site G3.
  • Unmarked fissure site - Cranberry Bog - North-northwest of Appalachian Antiques, just south of a monorail pylon with a monorail car at the top. The scorchbeast that spawns here frequently patrols Appalachian Antiques and other nearby locations.
  • Unmarked fissure site - Cranberry Bog - Northeast of ranger lookout, southeast of creekside sundew grove. The scorchbeast from there routinely patrols those locations and the bootlegger's shack.
  • Unmarked fissure site - Cranberry Bog - Next to the third monorail pylon north of pylon V-13 on the monorail line that went from there to the RobCo Research Center. The pylon is the one that has stairs to the top. Verified as a scorchbeast spawn site. Two spawned a minute or two apart.

Notable loot[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The names of the fissure sites do not appear in-game and are only marked as "fissure site." Their names come from the game editor.
  • Within the Whitespring bunker Command Center there is an interactive map that can be used to learn the location of all active fissure sites.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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