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The fisherman's outfit and fisherman's hat are an outfit set in Fallout 76.


The fisherman's hat is a brownish black bucket canvas hat adorned with fly fishing lures and hooks.


  • One can be found on a mattress in a red railcar at the flooded trainyard. It is one of the first to be seen when entering the location facing east.
  • One can be found in a dock behind a locked door at the toxic dried lakebed.
  • A hat is sitting on a small table near a pond south of Vault 76.
  • A hat can be found on a table inside the rusty workshop at Gorge junkyard.
  • A hat can be found at the barber shop in the southwest part of Morgantown.
  • A hat can be found on a nightstand on the top floor in Mountainside Bed & Breakfast.
  • A hat can found in a locker at Ohio River Adventures.
  • A hat can be found at the toxic dried lakebed, on the counter of the house where dead skeleton is sitting at a typewriter, next to the diner.


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