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Fishbones, often nicknamed Bones and whose real name is Billy,[3] is the leader of the raider group known as the Blackwater Bad Boys, based at Ohio River Adventures.


Fishbones worked in an office before the Great War. He joined up with the raiders at some point and was present during the founding of the Crater. Although he helped build up the settlement, he was cast out and sent far away from the headquarters, as he believes the other raiders saw him as a threat to their leadership. They sent him to establish an outpost at Ohio River Adventures with Blackeye and Gills, where they could coordinate the trade of mirelurk products such as eggs and softshell meat.

While making the trip southwest, Bones woke up one night to Bruiser "beating the tar" out of Gills, who was on night watch. Bones figured that he had found Gills' replacement, as Gills could no longer walk from the beating he received. Bones, Bruiser, and Blackeye now lead the outpost, though they have recently been having troubles with mirelurks attacking the docks.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character is essential. Essential characters cannot be killed.
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This character starts quests.
  • Defend the Raider Camp from attack

Other interactions

Fishbones occasionally needs help defending the water purifier from attacks by mirelurks. Doing so earns reputation with the Raiders.



Blackeye claims that Fishbones has a fixation with the letter "B."


Fishbones appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wastelanders update.


Icon pc.png Icon ps4.png The mirelurk defense daily quest from Fishbones is bugged, preventing the quest start dialog from appearing immediately. One will need to ask him why he is there or how he was put in charge, and then return to the top level conversation topics. This will trigger the quest start dialog to appear. In addition to that, the conversation may be interrupted randomly and players will have to restart the entire dialogue multiple times to begin the daily quest.[verified]


  1. Fishbones: "Bit of a story there. I'll do my best not to bore yah. See, I started out as part of the original band gettin' Crater up and runnin'. Proved myself an efective leader in the process... maybe a little too effective, mind you. Next thing I know, I'm being volunteered to run this joint."
    (Fishbone's dialogue)
  2. Diehard logo on helmet.
  3. Fishbones' associated voice type is W05_NPCM_Billy_CB.