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It's this slimy scaled thing; like a lakelurk, except no legs. Well most times. They're like birds, except they stay underwater.Cass

Fish are creatures found in the Mojave Wasteland.


Live fish can be observed swimming in bodies of water around the Mojave. They cannot be interacted with.



  • When the Courier asks Cass why she took up caravanning, she responds by saying she "took to it like a fish in water." The Courier has the option to say "What the hell is a fish?" She replies that a fish is like a slimy lakelurk thing that doesn't have claws and doesn't attack people. She also describes it as a bird that stays underwater, and that some of them have legs. Other dialogue options lead to Cass saying that she has never seen a real fish, only a plastic one on a wall in a bar which used to sing according to the bar owner and much to Cass' disbelief.
  • Dead fish can be seen drying on racks in Zion Canyon.


Fish appear in Fallout: New Vegas.