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First Recon, 1st Recon, First Recon Battalion, or NCR First Recon is a sniper battalion, part of the New California Republic Army.[1][2]


The battalion is comprised of individuals who were recruited after demonstrating proficiency at the firing range.[3] Boone mentions that he agreed to join due to the slightly higher pay offered to members of the group.[3] Their slogan is "the last thing you never see" and are known for their accuracy.[4]

During the First Battle of Hoover Dam in 2277, 1st Recon assisted the NCR Rangers in sharpshooting veteran Legion officers from a high ridge, west of the dam.[5][6] In response, the Malpais Legate ordered the veteran troops to push forward to rush the ridge, leading them into a trap laid in Boulder City.[7] Previous to the battle for the dam, Chief Hanlon shares that there were five kill reports on the legate from rangers and 1st Recon sharpshooters.[8]

The battalion was involved in an incident known as the Bitter Springs Massacre.[9][10] The sharpshooters were ordered to hold a position on Coyote Tail Ridge, overlooking the Red Pass near the Great Khan encampment at Bitter Springs.[11] A subsequent miscommunication between command and the group resulted in the deaths of several Great Khan civilians.[12]

First Recon snipers are organized into pairs including a spotter and a shooter.[13] Duties of the group include carrying out mercy killings of NCR soldiers who are tortured within sight of NCR positions, as a last resort.[14][15] The group members carry bolt-action rifles with the exception of Corporal Sterling who is allowed to use a lever-action rifle they customized named La Longue Carabine.[16]

They wear various types of armor including assault and survival variants and some members wear distinctive red 1st Recon berets. The berets have a patch featuring a bear skull, crossed rifles, and their slogan underneath.[17] They purchase sniper rifles from the Gun Runners, a supplier of which refers to the group as a "top-notch unit."[18]

The 1st Recon Alpha Team has been stationed at Camp McCarran for six months, fighting against the Fiends who have committed acts of violence in the surrounding area.[19][20] Led by Gorobets, the current members include 10 of Spades, Betsy who work as a pair.[19][21] Another pair consisting of Sterling, and Bitter-Root are also part of the Alpha Team.[22][23] Two former members of 1st Recon, Craig Boone and Manny Vargas, live in Novac.

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  • Possible companion Craig Boone's ending slides mention his First Recon beret and the group's slogan.[24]
  • The NCR Emergency Radio mentions the group in different ways depending on how Restoring Hope is resolved.[25][26]
  • Members of 1st Recon share idle lines with generic NCR troopers, including "Wish I had a 1st Recon guy looking after me" if Boone is a companion.


First Recon appears in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenes


PCPC Playstation 3Playstation 3 Xbox 360Xbox 360 After arriving at Camp Forlorn Hope, the members of 1st Recon still comment as if they still battling Fiends.[verified]



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    Courier: "What are we waiting for?"
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  13. The Courier: "Why do you think you let Betsy down?"
    10 of Spades: "She's my g-g-goddamn partner. See, we work in pairs. We spot for each other. W-watch each other's backs. Nobody wanted to w-work with me. They said I was too green. But Betsy volunteered. Shit, you don't even know how big a d-d-deal that is. She trusts her life to the newbie, and I sit there and let her get raped by that... p-p-piece of shit."
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