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First Friends Church is an unmarked location in Appalachia. Found in Charleston, it is part of a miscellaneous Responders quest to find the church.


Before the Great War, the church conducted a fundraiser to purchase new bells. Pastor Obadiah Williams held a service on October 17, 2077, thanking the congregation for their efforts. The bells themselves were powered by a fusion core made available to the church for a lower cost by S.L. Llewelyn, the owner of the Thunder Mountain Power Plant.[1]


The First Friends Church is a small church partially filled with rubble and inhabited by a large number of mole rats. Half of its pews are buried in rubble and the other half are in disrepair. At the front of the church is a pulpit that sits in front of a makeshift altar built out of a dining table with some candles placed on it. An open coffin sits in front of the pulpit with a note inside.

Notable loot


First Friends Church appears only in Fallout 76.