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For an overview of this item's appearances in various games, see First Aid Book.
A study book on the concepts and practical use of first aid skills.Fallout in-game description

The First Aid Book is a skill book in Fallout and Fallout 2.


From anemia to zooplasty, it's all covered in this book.[1]


Reading this book will permanently increase one's First Aid skill.



Closest map markerLocation description
BoneyardUnderground, on bookshelf
CathedralTower, level 3, on bookshelf
The HubMerchant: Mitch in Downtown
The HubMerchant: Mrs. Stapleton in Downtown
Shady SandsRazlo's house, on bookshelf
Vault 15Level 3, nearby north-west wall

Fallout 2Edit

Closest map markerLocation description
ModocOn the bookshelf behind Grisham
Mercenaries' caveIn a locker inside their base
Vault CityIn a bookcase in the house near the Central Council building.
ReddingOn the shelves in Painless Doc Johnson's
New RenoOn the shelves in Louis Salvatore's apartment, Salvatore's Bar 1st Floor.
Sierra Army DepotIn the locker in the infirmary, level one.
Sierra Army DepotIn the desk in the CO's quarters, level three.
New California RepublicOn the bookshelf in downtown clinic.
Mariposa Military BaseTwo in a rusty locker in the medical section on the second level.
NavarroIn the workbench behind Quincy.
Enclave Oil RigTwo in CO's storage in the Barracks area.
Enclave Oil RigIn a locker inside the experimentation lab, Detention level.
Enclave Oil RigTwo on the shelves in the scientist's office, Detention level.
Enclave Oil RigThree inside the Survival\Gear Locker inside the Trap Level.
Vault CityMerchant: Randal
Vault CityMerchant: The small amenities kiosk that stocks healing supplies.
San FranciscoMerchant: Jenna in the General Store on the Oil Tanker.
Gecko junkyardBookcase in a small building next to the exit grid in Junkyard.


  1. Fallout 2 Official Strategies & Secrets p.87: "First Aid Book
    From anemia to zooplasty, it's all covered in this book. You're First Aid Skill will be enhanced by what you learn here.
    Cost: $175"
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