Firecracker berry is a consumable item in Fallout 76.


Firecracker berries are vibrant red berries that glow in the dark. They will start to rattle when approached by a player character. If left alone, they will explode, dealing fire damage, and cannot be gathered afterward. A firecracker berry is also needed for the Flavors of Mayhem quest for Rose.

When affected by an intercontinental ballistic missile event, firecracker berries will turn into bomb berries, which can be harvested for raw cobalt flux.


  • Around the hills (~30 bushes to the west, northwest, and north; no bushes around the rest) of Arktos Pharma, there are several bushes alongside blackberries.
  • Can be found around the Top of the World.
    • There are numerous bushes growing along the railroad track going south from Top of the World.
    • There is a single bush southwest of the Top of the World, next to the rock as the player character moves down towards the rail track.
    • A single bush sits due north of the Top of the World, around the same latitude as the Route 91 map icon. It is just past a ruined campsite a few meters to the east of the cable car line (between the third and second pylons from the bottom)-- a crashed cable car next to a non-crashed cable car is the signal to turn to the east.
  • There are several bushes located at Solomon's pond, just east of the Whitespring bunker halfway up the mountain.
  • Eight grow inside Hopewell cave, usually guarded by a deathclaw.
  • Up to five bushes grow just South of The Freak Show, towards the Monorail Elevator, between the pit and the high ground.
  • Four grow behind the eastern trailer at Yellow Sandy's still.
  • Three bushes grow near Safe 'n Clean Disposal: the first is just outside the west wall of the hut, the next is approximately 20m to the north, and the last is 20m more to the north, close to the road (which is the fast travel arrival point).
  • Two to six bushes can found between the two towers of the monorail elevator, with two more slightly north, towards The Freak Show.
  • Two bushes grow at Monongah mine along the south wall of the shack housing the mining supervisor's terminal and the safe.
  • Two bushes grow next to the road leading east out of R&G Processing Services, one behind the blue big rig and one to its left.
  • A single bush grows at the northeast corner of Ingram Mansion.
  • One bush grows at the base of the northern tower of The Vantage.
  • Five bushes grow in the western gardens of Fort Defiance.

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Behind the scenesEdit

The firecracker berry is a mutated form of the real-world plant Cornus canadensis (Creeping dogwood),[1] which, unlike its Fallout 76 counterpart, does not explode if come into contact with.



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    (Vault Mission: Meltdown)
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