Firecap is a consumable item in Fallout 76.


The firecap is a large mutated mushroom resembling a toadstool. Firecaps can be used to make a number of recipes, including the Forest disease cure, firecap soup, firecap tasty souffle, glowing fungus puree and are used in creating Mentats.

During an intercontinental ballistic missile nuke event, it mutates into blast cap which yields raw crimson flux when harvested.


  • Four to seven individual picked firecaps can be found at the monorail elevator, on a cinder block foundation to the right of a crashed monorail all in one basket next to a skeleton in a lawn chair.
  • Six grow in planters inside the Vault-Tec Agricultural Research Center -- one on the main floor, and five downstairs.
  • Three can be found in a farm field near the I-59 and I-61 intersection. The farm location is on the image of a house on the main map. (location unclear, there is a US 61 but no I-61 in the game. Even then, they never meet.)
  • Three can be found outside of the overseer's camp next to I-59 around Slocum's Joe, two next to the bus and one to the right of the building.
  • One plant grows on a log on the side of the SH 91 due east of relay tower HN-B1-12. It is next to a truck with four Pulowski preservation shelters.
  • One can be found when fast traveling to the Crosshair.
  • One to three can be found due south from the fast travel location at Marigold Pavilion.


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