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For an overview of ant nectar in the Fallout series of games, see ant nectar.

Fire ant nectar is a chem in Fallout: New Vegas.


When consumed the nectar grants +25 to Fire Resistance and boosts Agility by +4 but drops Intelligence by 3.


  • At the ant mound
  • At the El Dorado Dry Lake
  • Found frequently on the corpses of fire ants. Fire ant nectar is more common in Fallout: New Vegas, due to a larger number of the ants and the fact that workers have a 20% chance to drop the item, versus the 17% of their Fallout 3 counterparts. Furthermore, it can also be found in ant refuse piles along with the normal ant nectar.


  • Fire ant nectar gives the highest Agility bonus of all consumables in the game. The effect is significant enough to be an adequate alternative to the Rapid Reload and Quick Draw perks if the player character's Agility is low.
  • Unlike the regular ant nectar, there is no addiction chance when consuming fire ant nectar.

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