We appreciate the assistance, civilian. But what's your business here?Paladin Danse

Fire Support is a Brotherhood of Steel main quest in Fallout 4.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Brotherhood of Steel main Quest: Fire Support
Listen to Military frequency AF95.
Proceed to Cambridge Police Station.
Assist the soldiers.
Speak to Paladin Danse.
Reward: 300+ XP
Brotherhood of Steel flag to craft in settlements
Leads to: Call to Arms

Detailed walkthroughEdit

While traveling near Lexington and College Square (or just south of the Corvega assembly plant if heading southeast from Concord), the Sole Survivor's Pip-Boy will pick up a military radio broadcast. It details a cry for help from the Brotherhood of Steel stationed at the Cambridge Police Station.

Head towards the location and the player character will be faced with a horde of feral ghouls attacking the Brotherhood members stationed there. Assist the soldiers and when the fight ends speak to the commander, Paladin Danse.

If the Sole Survivor agrees to assist him, the Call to Arms quest will begin. Alternatively, they can persuade Danse to hire them as a mercenary, resulting in a higher sum of caps for the same quest.

If one has completed The Nuclear Option in favor of the Commonwealth Minutemen prior to approaching the police station, and remain on amicable terms with the Brotherhood, Danse will instead gift the Sole Survivor his laser rifle and send them on their way.

Quest stagesEdit

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
5 Listen to Military Frequency AF95While traveling near Lexington and College Square, my Pip-Boy has received a military radio broadcast. I should listen to it and find out what the broadcast is transmitting.
10 Proceed to Cambridge Police Station
20 Assist the soldiersA radio broadcast has led me to a group of soldiers outside of Cambridge Police Station. They appear to be under attack by ferals, and from the look of things, they could really use my help.
40 Speak to Paladin DanseI've assisted a group of soldiers who were under attack outside of Cambridge Police Station. Now that the fight has ended, I should speak to the soldier's commander, Paladin Danse.
55 Refused offer to join. May return to Danse if you change your mind.After speaking with Paladin Danse, I've decided not to assist them any longer. If I ever change my mind, I could always return to the Cambridge Police Station.
255Icon checkQuest complete - Joined the recon teamAfter speaking with Paladin Danse, I've accepted his offer to join the recon team and lend them a hand.
275Icon checkQuest complete - Gifted laser rifle and sent on your way.After speaking with Paladin Danse, I was rewarded with an exceptional laser rifle and then sent on my way.
355Icon crossQuest Failed

Companion reactionsEdit

Agree to keep assisting the Brotherhood of Steel.DislikeNeutralLikeNeutralNeutralNeutralDislikeLikeLikeLikeLikeNeutralNeutralDislike
Refuse to keep assisting the Brotherhood of SteelLikeDislikeDislikeNeutralLoveNeutralLikeDislikeDislikeDislikeDislikeLikeLikeLike
Ask for payment before agreeing or disagreeing to helpLikeDislikeNeutralNeutralDislikeNeutralLikeDislikeDislikeDislikeDislikeNeutralLikeLike


During this battle it is possible to accidently kill Haylen, Rhys, or Danse, causing the BOS to become hostile towards the player character. All three BOS members are flagged as essential during the battle, and will also ignore Friendly Fire. However, as soon as the last ghoul dies those flags are removed from the three BOS members. If the player character throws a grenade towards the end of the battle and the last ghoul dies before the grenade explodes, it is possible for the grenade to kill the BOS members, since their essential and FF flags will be cleared by the time the grenade explodes. Doing so will immediately set the BOS hostile towards the player character and lock them out of the BOS faction for the remainder of the game.[verified]


  • PCIcon pc Playstation 4Icon ps4 Xbox OneIcon xboxone Sometimes after defeating all the ghouls, the Brotherhood of Steel members refuse to talk, as if there are more ghouls incoming.[verified]
    • On PC, this may be fixed using console command setstage bos100fight 1. If that doesn't work, setstage bos100 40 will advance the quest, but may cause other issues later on.
  • PCIcon pc Playstation 4Icon ps4 Xbox OneIcon xboxone After triggering the 'check fire' bug if one continues the main story quests to The Molecular Level, Virgil give an optional quest objective to talk to the Brotherhood and one will get a map marker to speak to Danse at which point one will have speech options. One needs to tell Danse they are there for help, then say no to his offer to join up, which kicks you out of dialogue, but gives the chance to talk to him again which then has the post 'Fire Support' fight dialogue options, accept there and 'Fire Support' should complete and leave one free to carry on with the Brotherhood storyline.[verified]
  • PCIcon pc Xbox OneIcon xboxone It is possible that when one arrives that Paladin Danse will become hostile, attacking the Sole Survivor and making it impossible to engage in conversation. One fix is to simply go to Cambridge Police Station after getting the Reveille quest (if one did indeed receive it). At this time it is unclear what causes the bug but skipping the trip to Boston International Airport altogether and going directly to Cambridge Police Station seems to fix it. Upon arriving at the station, Reveille will automatically complete itself and Danse will then speak to the player character as normal after the ghouls have all been dealt with, allowing the quest to be completed.[verified]
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