The Fire Root Cavern is a location in the Mojave Wasteland and going through it from north to south forms the only direct path to Cottonwood Crater. The north entrance of Fire Root Cavern is located southeast of Searchlight East gold mine and southwest of Smith Mesa Prospector Camp.


This is said to be the genesis of the fire geckos.[1]


The cavern itself consists of one large room with a radioactive pool and an adjoining corridor. There are a few fire geckos inside, including the legendary fire gecko. In the corner where the passage goes down to the water is an evil gnome statue under a plant leaf. There is a hollowed-out rock on the left at the beginning of the small narrow path to the entrance to the cavern.

Notable lootEdit

  • Evil gnome: as you enter (from the Fire Root Cavern marker) the big room just follow the ledge on the left side, then take to the left and it should be in the T-junction.
  • Fat Man: after you exit the cavern via the upper level, with the pools of radioactive water (Cottonwood crater), you will find a dead prospector with lots of loot.


The Fire Root Cavern appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.



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