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Fire Resistance is an armor statistic in Fallout 76, introduced in the One Wasteland For All update.


Fire Resistance reduces the magnitude of incoming fire damage. The higher the player's fire resistance, the less damage incurs from fire-based attacks, such as from floater flamers, or from fire-based weapons like the flamer, molotov cocktail, the blast mine, and Crusader pistol. Scaling fire resistance has been added on most encounterable NPCs and creatures, however options for the player are limited to Fireproof legendary armor, Fireproof legendary power armor and the Sizzling Style legendary perks.

Player resistance

The Sizzling Style Legendary perk increases Fire Resistance by +50/100/150/200 while wearing a matching set of armor, depending on the perk rank.

Fire-based attacks

Anglers and by hazards such as the falling embers during A Colossal Problem


  • Armor Penetration effects are universally applied, and will affect cryo resistance.[verification needed]
  • Fire Resistance was enabled in the Fallout 76 update patch 22.
  • Fireproof: A perk reduces incoming fire damage by a fixed percentage.
  • Asbestos lining: An armor modification that prevents the wearer from being set on fire.

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