Fire Breathers final exam briefing is a holotape in Fallout 76. It is required to be listened to during the quest Into the Fire.


The holotape is given to the player character by Bernie at Belching Betty during Into the Fire.



Hank Madigan: Welcome, recruit, to your final exam. I'm Hank Madigan, Fire Breather lieutenant. I'm going to try and make this brief - the Scorched coming through Big Bend Tunnel need to be stopped... ... and the toxicity of the area means there's no better crew to do it than the Fire Breathers.

Exam's simple. Reach the bottom of the mine, hit the emergency beacon down there, and come back up. All you've got to do is survive a little slice of living hell and all the Scorched that call it home. I get this is extreme, but we need to know if you can hack it before you've got a half-dozen other people counting on you. But you're not going in empty-handed. Along with your suit, you've been issued a modified 10mm.

We figured out the Scorched aren't big fans of depleted Ultracite. Took a field trip to AMS HQ to figure out how to make the stuff, but it's the most effective tool we've found for putting them down. So, time to prove you can put it to good use. Suit-up, strap-in, and move out, recruit.

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