Hold up there. First time in Goodneighbor? Can't go walking around without insurance.

Finn is a criminal living in Goodneighbor in 2287. He approaches the Sole Survivor when they first enter Goodneighbor.


One of the criminal types operating in the anarchist town of Goodneighbor, Finn mostly preys upon newcomers to the area. He offers "insurance" to travelers passing through, coaxing them into paying a sum of caps with the threat that otherwise they might face "big, bloody accidents." In other words, Finn attempts to extort his victims, much to the chagrin of Mayor John Hancock, who wants his town to be open to everyone. Driven by paranoia, he argues that Goodneighbor is in danger of being taken over by outsiders. This stance is responsible for many of the feuds between him and Hancock.

Interactions with the player characterEdit

Interactions overviewEdit

This character has no special interactions.

Other interactionsEdit

When the Sole Survivor first enters Goodneighbor, Finn will approach and demand the player character pay an "insurance fee," otherwise "accidents" may happen to them. The Sole Survivor can choose to threaten Finn to back off or kill him.

Whatever option is chosen, Finn will always end up dead: if the player character doesn't kill him, then mayor John Hancock will appear and demand Finn to let them go. Finn will refuse and subsequently have a quarrel with Hancock in which he states "one day there'll be a new mayor". This appears to be a poor choice of words, as it results in Finn being stabbed to death by Hancock. If the player character kills Finn, Hancock will say "Whoa ho ho! I like you already! Walk into a new place and make a show of dominance! Nice!"


Apparel Weapon Other items
Road leathers Pipe gun


  • If one kills Finn with a switchblade, they can end up stabbing Finn to death in a similar manner to the way Hancock kills him.
  • If the player character talks to Finn with Nick Valentine as a companion, the conversation will be slightly different but end in the same result. Hancock will also berate Finn for harassing the Sole Survivor and Nick during one of his "rare visits."


Finn appears only in Fallout 4.


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