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I have the honor of being your final challenge. To continue in your quest you must defeat me in unarmed combat.Cameron

Finish Temple of Trials is the first quest in Fallout 2.

Quick walkthrough

Main Quest: Finish the Temple of Trials.
Enter the Temple of Trials.
Unlock the door in the northwest corner of the Foyer.
Take the plastic explosive from the clay pot near the chasm.
Demolish the door in the northwest corner of the Hallway, using the plastic explosive.
Speak with Cameron.
Sneak past Cameron.
Defeat Cameron in hand-to-hand combat.
Convince Cameron not to fight you.
Retrieve your items from the chest outside Cameron's chamber.
Reward: 300 XP
Reward: 600 XP
Reward: 600 XP
Enter the final chamber.
Reward: 15 Karma
A jumpsuit and a Pip-Boy 2000
Next quest: Retrieve the GECK for Arroyo
Find Vic the Trader

Detailed walkthrough

Enter the temple and the player character will find themselves in a hallway. Kill the ants and press forward, exploring the side rooms and corridors. Open the second door using whatever Lockpick skill available to the player character. Kill everything, loot the chests, pots and bones.

On the second map, the Chosen One will start spotting floor traps. If they don't, they can walk to and from to make it happen, unless they have a woefully low Perception. Should they have the patience, they can disarm the traps for 25 XP each. If one is reckless and sets off a trap, one can pick up the sharpened pole which nearly lodged in their chest (or maybe did). To avoid the traps altogether, keep to the right-hand wall. At one point the Chosen One is required to set an explosive charge (found in a tall pot nearby) in front of a door Beware of the trap on the doorstep.

At the entrance to the inner sanctum, the Chosen One finds Cameron, who represents their final test. There are three ways to get past him:

  • Fight him unarmed after a conversation (and without access to healing powder) for 300 XP.
  • Steal his key and unlock the door behind his back for 600 XP.
  • Talk him out of fighting (Intelligence 4 or more required and Speech must be tagged) for 600 XP.

While Cameron states that you must face him in unarmed combat, defeating him with weapons and/or healing powder seems to have no negative consequence as long as you do so by initiating combat with him by agreeing to unarmed combat. While your inventory gets stripped upon saying you are ready to fight him, you can still keep your items by dropping them onto the ground before talking to him, and then picking them back up once combat begins. Fighting him like this is treated the same as fighting him unarmed, and he will unlock the door when injured.