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I've got a great big ol' digger machine down in my mine. Problem is that the control chip for it don't work any more. I need a new one if I want to expand my operations.Marge LeBarge

Find the excavator chip is a side quest in Fallout 2.

Quick walkthrough

Side Quest: Find the excavator chip
Go to Redding.
Go in the mines below Redding and kill or slip by the wanamingos.
Retrieve the excavator chip.
Sell the chip to Marge LeBarge.
Sell the chip to Dangerous Dan McGrew.
Reward: 2500 XP, 1000 $

Detailed walkthrough

Talk around town. You'll find out that there are two mine owners interested in the same thing: getting an excavator chip from an abandoned piece of equipment. Each mine owner offers the same reward: $1000. Your only tough decision is deciding the future of Redding, as whoever gets the chip will inevitably advance their own agenda.

The chip can be found in an excavator in the great wanamingo mine, on the lowest level with the toughest wanamingos.

Redding mine owners

Name Owned by Supporting
Morningstar Dan McGrew New Reno
Kokoweef Marge LeBarge NCR


There's another chip on the same map, on the ground to the northeast, next to one of the machines. Since only one of them can be sold and the characters specifically mention that it should be found in a "great big mining machine," this second one was probably not supposed to be there.