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Find Residence Key is a main quest in Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel. It is located in the Secret Vault residence 1.

Quick walkthrough

Residence One

In the Secret Vault residence 1 area, the right path to progress is through the gardens. However, the door to north section of them is locked and needs to be opened with the residential keycard. So go search for it. First go west, then north while turning some gun robots into scrapheaps and take their computer parts. Enter the Residence 2 area where a dead vault dweller holds the key. Getting to him takes a bit of an effort.

Clear the data tape shelves

Check a large table for a clipboard, and read the message about the system malfunction in the residence library. Several data tape shelves block your route. Use the console, and push the left and right buttons to move the shelves. Malfunctioning shelves block your path here. Use the console, but press the middle button first. Then press the right button to clear the way. Follow the long corridor, until you come to another series of shelves. Use the console and press the C button, then D.

Getting the key

You're now standing in the library. There are three rooms to the southwest, all blocked by data tape shelves. Look for the blue-hued room to the north of these blocked rooms. Check the body here for another clipboard. Head northeast to yet another series of data tape shelves. Activate all of the shelves, so they're at the bottom of the screen, to open one of the smaller rooms to the south.

Collect the keycard from the corpse lying in it. If you like, you can open the other two rooms and search for supplies. Retract all of the shelves to open the next room. To open the final room, arrange them in this sequence, from left to right: 110100100. (1 is extended, 0 is retracted.) This code can be found in Residence One, by examining an arcade machine in the outer southwest part of the area. With the keycard, return to Residence One and open the locked door.


Quest stages

1 Find the keycard that will give you access to Vault Residence Level 3.
2Quest finishedYou've found the keycard that will give you access to Vault Residence Level 3 - return to Level 1 and use the keycard on the security door.
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