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The Financial District is a district in Boston in 2287.


Prior to the Great War, the district was part of the Freedom Trail, playing a role in the American Revolutionary War. The neighborhood dates back to before 1711, containing historical landmarks such as the Old Corner Bookstore, Faneuil Hall and the Old State House.

In the years shortly before the war, it was a center of commerce and financial activity, reflected in its composition of skyscrapers. It was serviced by Scollay Square station and Post Office station, as well as an unknown monorail line. It can be viewed from high places throughout the Commonwealth, making it a beacon leading to downtown Boston, as well as Goodneighbor.

In 2240, a group of criminals banished from Diamond City founded the settlement of Goodneighbor in the remains of Scollay Square.[1] It grew to become the Commonwealth's second-largest settlement, but accepted ghouls, unlike Diamond City. A high presence of Triggermen can be noticed in Goodneighbor and the rest of the Financial District.


The district contains:

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The Financial District appears only in Fallout 4.