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Investigate the Responders base at Morgantown Airport.

Final Departure is a main quest in Fallout 76.

Quick walkthrough

Main quest: Final Departure
Go to Morgantown Airport and enter the Morgantown Airport terminal building.
Find and listen to the Overseer's log - Morgantown holotape.
Go outside and to the second floor of the third airport hangar and read the entry about inoculation on the "Responders Laboratory Terminal"
Reward: see infobox
Completed. Leads to An Ounce of Prevention

Detailed walkthrough

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Investigate Morgantown AirportI learned that the Responders were headquartered at Morgantown Airport. It seems like a good place to search for clues about what happened to them.
? Learn the fate of the RespondersWhile exploring the old Responder base at Morgantown Airport, I spotted a holotape. I should listen to it.
? Listen to Overseer's log - Morgantown
?Quest finishedLearn about the Inoculation ProjectWhile exploring the old Responder base at Morgantown Airport, I found a holotape with a recording made by the Overseer. She suggested checking out a nearby terminal to learn about the Responders inoculation project.