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Filtcher farm interview is a holotape in the Fallout 76 update Wastelanders.


The holotape can be found on a table in the living room of the Silva homestead, within the package for Madeleine de Silva.


Female Vigilant: This is... A Vigilant Citizen. And this is an interview with Gladys Filtcher. Can you repeat that?

Gladys Filtcher: So those soldiers, they drove onto my land and started fencing off the north part of my farm. Two years back. Well, I ain't one to take that lying down. After making a ruckus, their Captain came by. Said it was for my own safety. That there were dangerous level of radiation over there.

Female Vigilant: Did they say what caused it?

Gladys Filtcher: They wouldn't say word one. Before I could carry on too much, this man in a black suit comes over. Says it's eminent domain. And he gives me this check with more zeroes in it that I've ever seen.

Female Vigilant: Did you take it?

Gladys Filtcher: Damned right I did. These are hard times. Everyone else I know took the deal, too. We was told to keep it quiet. Not to create a needless panic.

Female Vigilant: Did you ever see any evidence of the radiation?

Gladys Filtcher: This is off-the-record. Like you said? Right?

Female Vigilant: Absolutely. You have my word.

Gladys Filtcher: *grunt* Well, that's just it. I never saw any signs of anything dangerous. I got a couple cows that like grazing that aways. After the fence, I chased the cows off. But the damned animals always went back. Third time I caught them I gave up. Figured they were goners, anyhow. But they've been going to their spot now going on years, they're fine.

Female Vigilant: So there's no evidence of anything suspicious?

Gladys Filtcher: No. Truth be told, I almost forgot about it. Except for the noise.

Female Vigilant: Noise?

Gladys Filtcher: Yeah, you can hear trucks coming and going every now and then. At the damnedest hours, too. A couple times I heard a train whistle, too. But that's about it.


PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 The holotape remains stuck in the inventory marked as a quest item and can neither be placed on the board nor dropped or stashed away.[verified]