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Filly is a post-War settlement in the Fallout TV series.



Built from scrap in the remnants of the greater Los Angeles area some time prior to 2296,[1] located somewhere near Santa Monica, the town of Filly's centerpiece is a "giant pile of trash that is slowly sinking into the earth." This landfill is mined by Filly's inhabitants, allowing them to extract old technology and scrap to use or sell.[2]

Fallout series[]

Lee Moldaver was a client of Filly trader Ma June and presumably supplied her with multiple Vault-Tec artifacts. Ma June wanted to aid her in her plan to create a functional cold fusion reactor and was to help Siggi Wilzig reach her when rendezvousing at her general store.

In 2296, Lucy MacLean finds her way to Filly after traveling through the wasteland from Vault 33 searching for her father, who she believes was taken by raiders. At the same time, the Ghoul came to the town to collect the bounty on Siggi Wilzig, who himself was following instructions to find Ma June to be delivered to a woman named "Moldaver." The Ghoul attacked him first, but Lucy and later "Knight Titus" held him off, though not without causing significant damage to Filly.

The denizens of Filly returned to their lives as normal shortly after the Ghoul's battle. However, sometime later, the Brotherhood of Steel moved in and took over Filly to use as a forward operating and supply base. After suppressing resistance from its residents, Brotherhood flags and banners were raised across Filly, becoming the first known territorial expansion of the Brotherhood on the West Coast in decades.


Filly is in a forested area not far from the desert within the Los Angeles wastes. It is split into two areas. The outer area includes a junkyard for old cars and a bazaar with a paved wooden street. Squire Maximus used an old forklift to make repairs in this outer area. The inner area is a downtown district in a crater-like depression with scrap walls, with features including old shipping containers and airplane parts. Downtown includes numerous stores and services, including a dentist/barber, a repair shop, a bathhouse, Ma June's store, and other smaller vendor stalls. Filly had a reputation for violence, with several people having been killed in the settlement and beatings and robberies happening in broad daylight with no consequence. Ghouls were not allowed within Filly. Squire Maximus' presence in the community did not arouse any ill will besides scavengers trying to steal his power armor when he left it unattended. Despite this, the residents of Filly tried to fight back against the Brotherhood's invasion of the settlement.


Filly appears in the Fallout TV series episodes "The Target," "The Head," and "The Beginning."

Behind the scenes[]

  • The Filly exterior was filmed at Wade Salvage, a private junkyard in Atco, New Jersey. The town itself was a practical set built at the backlot of Steiner Studios in Brooklyn, New York, which was also where other sets such as the Vault interiors were built.[3]
    • According to production designer Howard Cummings, the Filly set was made mostly of metal, with some structures reaching 60 feet tall, and requiring up to 30 welders per day to put together.[4] A large amount of actual scrap metal and junk was used, obtained by show decorator Regina Graves. The jet parts in the town were shipped from an airplane graveyard in Lancaster, New York.[5]
  • The "Fallout First Look" article by Vanity Fair, in which the existence of this location was first revealed, misnamed the location as "Philly."
    • That name was previously (and appropriately) used in Fallout 3 to refer to the pre-War city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  • An activation event for the series held in Austin, Texas, in March 2024 transformed a hotel parking lot into a recreation of Filly. This was also the first time the name of the location had been officially corrected to Filly.[6]
  • According to Jonathan Nolan, viewers' introduction to Filly is intended to generate similar feelings to gamers' first time arriving at Megaton in Fallout 3, juxtaposing the "pre-" and "post-apocalyptic" worlds.[2]
  • Though never explained in the series, the town's name, "Filly," refers to the fact that it is built inside a landfill.[3] It may also refer to the small city of Fillmore, California, located roughly 35 miles northwest of Santa Monica and Vault 33.


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