The fertilizer collector is a settlement object in Fallout 76.


The fertilizer collector appears as a wheelbarrow when built, and will spawn a single brahmin that will stand and walk a small distance from the wheelbarrow at all times. Periodically, raw fertilizer will be added to the wheelbarrow, up to its maximum storage capacity of 5 units. No additional resources are required or consumed by the brahmin once the fertilizer collector has been constructed.

It is possible for other player characters or hostile enemies to kill the brahmin, in which case it may be necessary to scrap and rebuild the fertilizer collector to cause a new brahmin to be spawned.

The brahmin may also be periodically milked for a chance of receiving brahmin milk.


Steel (3)
Icon range
Icon level
Fertilizer collector (1)
Raw fertilizer (5 max storage)



PCIcon pc It is possible to reset the enforced milking interval of the brahmin and immediately attempt milking again by first storing the fertilizer collector and placing it again.[verification overdue]

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