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For an overview page of feral ghoul variants in the Fallout series of games, see Feral ghoul.
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Feral Ghouls run through your Vault, wreaking havoc by dealing both physical and radiation damage to the Dwellers they attack.— In-game description, under help.

Feral ghouls are enemies seen in Fallout Shelter. They are physically seen in-game during an invasion of the vault and on quests. They deal both regular and radiation damage.


Feral ghouls are encountered during quests, out in the wasteland and as invaders in one's vault, like raiders and deathclaws. Although they are frail on their own, they attack the vaults in large packs effectively compensating for solitary weakness.

The glowing ones act as boss characters during quests. Not only do they constantly deal radiation damage to the dwellers due to their glowing appearance, they can also use an ability that mirrors the ones in Fallout 4, which causes heavy radiation damage to dwellers while healing and reviving other ghouls in the battle, including those that have been decapitated.


  • Feral ghoul
  • Feral ghoul roamer
  • Feral ghoul reaver
  • Glowing one (quest only)


Feral ghouls appear in Fallout Shelter.


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