The Fens Cafe and connecting Fens Cafe Apartments are an unmarked location in the Commonwealth in 2287. They are situated directly north of Parkview Apartments in The Fens, located on Founder's Triangle.


The Fens Cafe and the connecting Fens Cafe Apartments, are separated into the exterior cafe and interior within the apartments. The cafe is a small open air diner which has meat bags placed on the tables from super mutant occupants. The apartments span two stories. Separated further with the lower containing the diner's kitchen and pantry storeroom. The apartments are accessed via a stairwell, behind a broken wall in the kitchen. The first floor is an apartment with two exits to the Commonwealth one the former room, whilst the other has a balcony with chairs.

Notable loot

  • On the first floor, in the connected kitchen storage room behind the door, there is an unusually small toy alien holding a baby rattle and a tiny large baby bottle sitting in an unusually small baby carriage. Directly to the left is a normal-size toy alien holding a pack of gum drops sitting on top of a burnt textbook.
  • On the second floor, there is an overdue book on the armrest of a sofa chair.


The Fens Cafe and the Fens Cafe Apartments only appear in Fallout 4.


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