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I'm working towards becoming a Scribe. It's a commitment to finding and documenting technology. I've collected a few pieces but I'm unsure about any of them. I need to present something impressive to my brethren to prove myself. Scribe Valdez taught us that exceptional technology can often be found in objects with military or scientific applications.

Felton Reed is an initiate in the Brotherhood First Expeditionary Force, who aspires to become a scribe. In order to accomplish this goal, he is committed to finding and documenting relevant technology across Appalachia.


A scribe aspirant and new addition to the Brotherhood in Appalachia, Reed is on a field mission to scavenge and retrieve technology with military or scientific value. He wants to prove himself by impressing the chain of command but is unsure about what items will prove to be the most valuable. Reed will seek the Vault Dweller's advice about the most impressive tech item he has collected thus far and proceed to deliver it to his superiors. In passing, he will mention to the Vault Dweller that he does not like to stay away from Fort Atlas for too long.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character cannot be killed.

Other interactions

Reed will ask for one's help inspecting numerous tech items he has collected. The Vault Dweller can advise him on the most valuable piece of his new inventory in order to impress his superiors, including Scribe Valdez. Reed may agree with the player character or share that he is considering choosing a different set of items.



  • The tech items surrounding Reed for examination are random.


Felton Reed appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Steel Dawn update.