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Feeding the Troops is a Brotherhood of Steel radiant quest in Fallout 4.

Quick walkthrough

Brotherhood of Steel side quest: Feeding the troops
Speak to Proctor Teagan.
Travel to the designated settlement.
Pay for supplies.
Eliminate the settlers.
Return to Proctor Teagan.
Reward: 100+ XP

Detailed walkthrough

Head to the Prydwen and speak to Proctor Teagan and ask if he has any work. He will send the Sole Survivor to a settlement in order to "persuade" them to donate food by any means necessary. This can be done by purchasing crops from the settlers, by persuading/threatening them to donate, or eliminating them, whichever way will result in the acquisition of food from the settlement. Regardless of the path taken, return to Proctor Teagan to complete the quest and collect one's reward.


Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
30 Secure settlement crops at (location)Proctor Teagan has asked me to pay a visit to a Commonwealth farm and secure their crops for the Brotherhood. I've been told to "persuade" them by any means necessary.
40 Report to Proctor TeaganI was able to secure the crops for the Brotherhood of Steel. I need to report back to Proctor Teagan aboard the Prydwen to let him know of my success.
50Quest finishedQuest complete
355Quest failedQuest failed

Companion reactions

Persuade farmers to give crops to the Brotherhood of Steel.DislikesNo reactionLikeLikeLikeLikeDislikesLikeDislikesDislikesLikeDislikesDislikesDislikes
Tell the farmers "no deal" after hearing their price for crops.LikeDislikesNo reactionDislikesNo reactionDislikesLikeDislikesDislikesLikeDislikesNo reactionLikeLike
Pay the asking price for crops.DislikesNo reactionLikeLikeLikeNo reactionDislikesLikeLikeDislikesLikeDislikesLikeDislikes
Attempt to convince farmers to reduce the priceLikeDislikesNo reactionNo reactionNo reactionNo reactionLikeDislikesDislikesDislikesDislikesLikeLikeLike
Demand farmers give crops to the Brotherhood of SteelLikeDislikesNo reactionLikeNo reactionHatesLikeDislikesDislikesDislikesDislikesDislikesDislikesLike


  • According to Teagan's written request to Kells, he asked for permission to establish trade relations with the locals and suggested utilizing vertibirds to get better prices from traders. If asked by the player character if his op to get food from farmers is officially sanctioned, Teagan provides a vague response that suggests that it is not.
  • If the player character is already allied with a settlement that Teagan sends them to, it will still be possible to build on that settlement after the completion of the quest.
  • A workshop that is coerced into supplying food will suffer a permanent -50 happiness penalty.


  • PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Xbox OneXbox One Each mission directs to the first farm repeatedly. A simple work around is to kill the settler you're supposed to speak with for the quest. [verified]
  • PCPC Completing this quest resets Proctor Teagan's inventory, allowing you to buy more sets of T-51 armor & frame.[verified]
  • PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Xbox OneXbox One If Covenant is selected as the target settlement, there will be no voiced dialogue for Jacob Orden when bartering for the crops.[verified]
  • PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 After killing all the settlers (except for the children) and obtaining the crops from the settlement, you will be notified that the Brotherhood of Steel now controls that settlement. However, the player can still build and control the settlement as normal.[verified]
  • PCPC If a settlement is lost to the Brotherhood without first acquiring it for the Minutemen, the quest can be failed via setstage BoSR05 355 and the quest to acquire the settlement for the Minutemen is available again. After this, one must use console commands setstage BoSR05 50 to finish the Brotherhood quest or Teagan can not be spoken to.[verified]
    • This method also works to remove the quest from your quest log regardless of prior ownership. Failing then completing the quest via console will return Teagan to his original state before accepting the quest.