Defend the canning machines at Mama Dolce's to earn a tasty reward!

Event: Feed the People is an event quest in Fallout 76.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Event: Feed the People
Go to Mama Dolce's Food Processing.
Collect 5 dehydrated beef stocks, 5 diced vegetable mixes, and 5 meat-flavored soy chunks.
Activate the machinery from the terminal.
Defend three machines' control consoles from incoming waves of randomized enemies.
After the alarm bells, run the diagnostic routine on the terminal and activate the fuse box.
Defend the machines until the next alarm.
Run the diagnostic routine on the terminal and activate the pressure-release valve.
Continue to defend the machines from more waves until the next breakdown or when the timer expires.
Reward: See infobox

Detailed walkthroughEdit

Get into range of Mama Dolce's Food Processing for the quest to start. There will be a constant attack from Liberators and other enemies throughout the duration of the quest.

Collecting itemsEdit

Player characters will first be asked to collect the following ingredients:

These must be loaded into the food hopper on the factory floor to produce stew.

Possible locations (unfinished list):

  • Office, downstairs toilet
  • Office, upstairs
  • On top of shelving next to a locked cage
  • On top of the upper console
  • In the lockers
  • Next to the conveyor belt

Running the machinesEdit

After the ingredients have been loaded into the hopper, the machinery is activated from a nearby terminal. After this step, there are two phases which repeat until the timer runs out - defending and repairing.


Defend three control consoles, one and two are on the lower floor, one is on the upper. The first wave are various kinds of radroaches and generally go for console two and some for console one.

The second and third wave are various kinds of feral ghouls and generally go for console two and console one. Sometimes a stray ghoul will go for console three, so keep alert. If console one and console two are destroyed, just defend console three.


In between waves, alarm bells will ring. Someone needs to run the diagnostic routine on the terminal, which will explain the problem. The issues that need repairing are random and include:

  • Activate the fuse box.
  • Activate pressure-release valve.
  • Repair pipe (3 steel required).


Upon completing this event, everyone participating in the event will receive 5 canned meat stew, as well as canned dog food and other items dependent upon Charisma possessed.

Quest stagesEdit

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Search the factory for ingredientsThe machinery at Mama Dolce's Food Processing plant has cooled off enough to use again. We need to collect ingredients and load them into the hopper so the machines can make cans of stew.
? Add Meat-flavored Soy Chunks to the Hopper (0/5)
? Add Dehydrated Beef Stock to the Hopper (0/5)
? Add Diced Vegetable Mix to the Hopper (0/5)
? Add Raw Corn to the Food Processing Hopper (0/5)
? Activate the Food Processing MachineryWe successfully gathered all of the ingredients necessary to make cans of stew at Mama Dolce's Food Processing plant. Now we need to activate the food processing machines and then protect them from any creatures that might be drawn in by the sound.
? Defend the Food Processing MachinesWe successfully gathered all of the ingredients necessary to make cans of stew at Mama Dolce's Food Processing plant. Now that we've activated the food processing machines, we need to protect them from the creatures drawn by the noise they're making.
? Diagnose the mechanical issue
? Reset the Fuse Box
? Use the pressure-release valve
? Repair the pipe
?Icon checkWe successfully protected the food processing machines at Mama Dolce's Food Processing plant, and now we get to enjoy some delicious cans of stew.


  • This event is triggered by player proximity.


  • Prior to patch, adding ingredients into the hopper of the food processor machinery too quickly could cause random inventory items to unintentionally be lost.
  • Prior to patch, everyone on the server received the quest reward when the quest was completed.
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