A very special welcome to you, sir!Shakes

The Federalist Lounge is a lively tavern on the first floor of the Tenpenny Tower run by Shakes, a bartending protectron.

Unlike other shops, the Federalist Lounge is always open. This is handy if you come into the tower late at night from an excursion. Should Shakes be killed during the ghoul takeover, no one will run the Federalist Lounge.


The Federalist Lounge is located on the right side of the Tenpenny lobby, opposite New Urban Apparel. A pool table, which usually has 2 pool cues, multiple pool balls, and a triangle, dominates the space, with chairs and tables spread around the room for the patrons' comfort. A jukebox is in the right-side corner. Shakes stands ever present in the left side of the room, near the shelves and his liquor cabinet.


  • There is an Easy locked terminal in the far left corner of the shop. If this is hacked, you can gain a 10% or a 50% discount from Shakes. You can also gain both discounts by selecting both discount options. This can make him an excellent merchant to trade with. Sadly, he only has 120 caps at a time, and he cannot repair items, which makes his use limited. He restocks on liquor and caps every 72 hours.
  • Regulars include Herbert Dashwood, Michael Hawthorne, Irving and Tiffany Cheng.


Federalist Lounge appears only in Fallout 3.

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