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The federal ration stockpile is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287.[1]


Built by the United States government before the Great War, this facility was used for stockpiling food rations for use in the event of an emergency. Their security included identification on the grounds without exceptions, including delivery staff and vehicle operators, while civilians could receive temporary identification while on the premises.[2] However, their security was breached when a group of civilians discovered a hatch to the old tunnels leading into the facility. Before, the anonymity of the secret back exit provided security, but upon its discovery, simple surveillance was no longer adequate. A detachment of three guards was sent to secure it,[3] and there they stayed along with civilians and perished.[4]

A raider crew led by Red Tourette later seized the stockpile for themselves,[1] but this also brought up some rivalry from Tower Tom and his crew at Beantown Brewery; they have plenty of beer, but not enough food.[5] Negotiations failed when Red Tourette simply refused to send them food. This caused Tower Tom to send some raiders to steal some.[6] The attack failed, but Tower Tom's crew got away with some hostages,[7] including Tourette's sister Lily,[8][9] who was specifically ransomed for a supply of food, exploiting Red and Lily's sisterly bond.[10] This prolonged hostage situation has caused a coup-d'etat.[1]


A pre-War installation used for the storage of food and other rations that were in short supply during wartime. The above-ground section of the installation is a raider hangout; it features three shacks in bad states of repair and a tarp-covered central area containing both a security turret and a security spotlight. Inside the bunker with the entrance to the underground storage is a terminal that can shut down the turrets and spotlight. In a shack nearby is another Advanced locked terminal that can alter the turrets and spotlights, once the right Total Hack magazine has been obtained.

The underground installation is extensive and is home to about ten raiders led by Red Tourette. Coming through the front door, one will quickly arrive at the main storage section, but to open it without the password requires Master hacking skills. A section of catacombs allows bypassing the locked storage room and eventually, a bit past the other side of it, one will find Red Tourette in her lair. Red keeps the terminal password for the main supply lockup on her person, allowing the locked rations room to be opened.

Once the password is obtained from Red, head down to the vault and unlock the deadlocked doors from the terminal. Here one will find food, a couple Nuka-Cola Quantums, and a mini nuke. This is located in a pile of rubble on the righthand side of the second room (inside the vault). An alternative entrance, through the Lonely Chapel, allows direct access to Red Tourette's lair.

Notable loot


  • Power armor - Partially inside a sea-foam green shipping container on the back of a flatbed truck on the southeastern outskirts of the establishment. Included parts and quality are randomized (possibly including a fusion core). If the alarm is raised in the camp then a raider may get into the power armor.
  • Fusion core - In a generator behind a cement pillbox at the northwestern edge of the compound.


  • Stealth Boy - Turn west at the construction light at the foot of the stairs when first entering and follow the passageway until arriving at a broken catwalk. Jump the gap and continue to the back of the next room to find it sitting on the ground beside two skeletons.
  • Fat Man - From the entrance, travel south along the easternmost passageway until reaching a set of mag-locked doors. Turn to the left to find it lying in the corner among a pile of rubble and broken shelves.
  • Three Nuka-Cola Quantums - Two are immediately beyond the mag-locked doors, sitting among many other rations on a metal shelf against the western wall. One more can be found in Red Tourette's room on the cabinet behind the couch.
  • Mini nuke - In the same room as the two Nuka-Cola Quantums, near the military trunk. It's on the ledge of a rusty machine that's immediately adjacent.
  • U.S. Covert Operations Manual issue #3 - On the coffee table in Red Tourette's room. Travel to the southernmost part of the map and one will come to a rather cramped-feeling room with lots of pillars and pipes. Her room is off of the southwest corner of this room, up a flight of wooden stairs.
  • Don't worry, sis, To my big sister Red and Red! It's Lily! - On the coffee table in Red Tourette's room.
  • Federal ration stockpile password - A paper note in Red Tourette's room, used to gain access to the security door terminal.
  • Federal ration stockpile key - A key, held by Red Tourette. Used for the storage lockup terminal.
  • Fusion core - In a generator behind a door (Novice lock) at the end of a hallway branching off of a partially flooded room on the far western side of the map. The hallway to the locked door is easy to miss as it is not lit.
  • Over 75 tin cans and 35 aluminum cans equating to 150 steel and 70 aluminum worth of crafting components.

Related quests


  • If the Sole Survivor has already cleared the raiders in the Beantown Brewery, this will be mentioned in the personal log of Red Tourette.
  • Following along the road north, the Sole Survivor will find a behemoth in what appears to be some sort of stacked car fort/wall that surrounds it. The cars are intact and can be blown up. It can spawn at least as early as level 12.
  • To the southwest are the remains of an apparently crashed jet fuselage, a tank, and an armored fighting vehicle. From around and inside the AFV a large number (12+) of fragmentation mines can be recovered. This unmarked spot is just north of relay tower 0BB-915. Duke of the Atom Cats may pop up here if one hasn't encountered them yet.
  • There is a highly irradiated pond a bit to the south with some minor loot in a suitcase and a tool case (about 20 rads/s with a Radiation Resistance of 500), along with two corpses.
  • To the east of this location, at the top of a rocky hill, is a shack built over a highly irradiated pond. A ghoul doctor named Bethany lives here and offers standard doctor services. She has a weapons workbench near the door.


The federal ration stockpile appears only in Fallout 4.


  • PCPC During Preston's Kidnapping at (random location) and the quest target is at this location, there is a possibility of some power armor showing just inside the front entrance of the doorway as soon as you enter. Once it shows up it will always show up. If you try to enter this power armor there are no problems. As soon as you try and exit it however you will get a bug involving your Pip-Boy not showing up on the screen at all. The only way to fix this is to reload a previous save where you did not enter the power armor and then attempt to leave it. The power armor in question does not block the doorway so you can enter through the front entrance without issue. Just be wary of entering it by accident or you WILL have to reload a previous save file in order to fix the bug that comes with it. [verified]
    • This glitch affects your own power armor if you exit and enter it from with the bunker as well.
  • PCPC Xbox OneXbox One Red Tourette's body can vanish or fall through the floor when she dies, taking the password with her.[verified]



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